The Best Gift Ever!!

I don’t have many followers (yet….see I CAN be positive!) so just a few people may have noticed I skipped a post yesterday.
I needed to babysit my grandson yesterday, taking him to preschool class, 
taking my other grandson to a doctors appt 
and in general, being occupied with “Mom” stuff from 8am – 2pm. 
My daughter and son-in-law are trying in vitro again and I was so happy to help them
even in a small way. 
She must be flat in bed for the next few days and her husband has taken off work to be with her. 
If you have a prayer list, please remember them. 
She so wants another baby, but we know this is in God’s hands.
In addition, yesterday was our 40th wedding anniversary….yes, that’s 40 years! 
We decided to go to an early movie and then out to dinner. 
So, I had exactly 2hrs yesterday when I was not occupied 
and spent that short time doing a final editing on a picture to give my husband.

It seems a small gift, I know. 
But, my family can attest that I am very camera shy.
 I am not very photogenic and always feel unattractive in most pictures of myself.
 My husband loves me dearly and, of course, thinks I look wonderful. 
He has asked me for a picture for his office for YEARS….literally….YEARS. 
So, this year, I arranged with my daughter to come over and take a couple snapshots of me.
 Thanks to the WONDERFUL creation of photo editing programs, I was able to go in and make myself look presentable! 
Yay! Finally, a picture for my honey!

So, no post yesterday…but you’ll get TWO today!
First, I’ll tell you about the biggest and best gift EVER
 that my husband gave me for our anniversary and secondly, 
the Thursday Shopper will return so I can show you the goodies I plan to find today. 

At dinner, my first gift (which would have been PLENTY…believe me)
was a beautiful new camera. 

I think it’s pretty great, don’t you?… he bought a nice all purpose lens.
I can’t wait to learn to use it!

The second gift fulfills a lifelong dream of mine.
As a girl, I wanted to be this

And get on these 

So I could go here

And here

And here

Life took another direction for me and I never went.

 But now,
at long last,

 thanks to my wonderful husband,

 in May I’m finally going to see this

Yes, we’re going to PARIS!!
The countdown starts TODAY!
Follow me along as I plan because I’ll need your help!
Some of you have been there and I know you’ll have GREAT advice for us.

a bientot


  1. How wonderful!!!! You better learn that camera real good, just think of all the blog inspiration photos you can take in Paris!!!!

    And your photo looks wonderful. I should do that too, no one takes pictures of me, or maybe that is because I run and hide when I see a camera?


  2. Thanks Bliss! I can’t wait to learn to use the camera….I’ve never had one this nice!

  3. Pretty pic of you !
    And that is a nice camera .. I will expect great pics of PARIS !!

  4. You betcha!

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