Braggin Mama

I am going to brag on my kid here!
My oldest brought her three girls and new husband to visit over the holiday.
While she was here (and before she came) she produced
some amazing art! 

This is her Christmas paper

Cute huh? Now you or I would wrap the gift and leave it at that
maybe a cute bow in matching colors
Not her.
She made an embellishment out of salt dough

To tie on the package! My package of course….after all, I’m her Mama

She has also taken up quilling
Quilling is taking narrow strips of paper and rolling them and pinching them into shapes. 
Then, you can assemble them into whatever creation you choose
Once again, I might come up with a cute little thing but 
Not her!

Quilled heart

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Each one of those shapes totally made by hand

Wouldn’t you love to get this as a Valentine?

She used to spend hours in her room making paper stuff when she was younger
Her room was a mess
I was always trying to get her to go outside and play
Who knew?

My new daughter had her 15th birthday on December 5th 
(pray for us….what is it about 15?)
This was her gift from my creative genius daughter

Now, I know i’m just a proud Mama but couldn’t she sell these creations? 
She has a blog too
write to her and tell her she needs to sell these!

Here is my Christmas gift from my husband
I don’t know what to do with it yet but I am so excited!

If you have a Mac and any tips I’d appreciate it!
I understand it has a picture editing program that I am going to love.
I haven’t gotten my email straightened out yet and
I’m still writing on my old laptop
I have high hopes of learning!


  1. WOW how fabulous are these creations! BRAG AWAY you surely should! thanks for sharing them all with us — i surely enjoyed it!!! i will hop over to her bog soon! : ) sending tons of hugs to my friend with a big heart! : )

  2. She is such a talented girl .they are beautiful !
    am not surprised since she has such a talented mother 🙂

    Yes very envious of your Mac ..I know you will get to do such fun stuff with it..and I can’t wait to see !

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