Clean Slate

Ah, the new year. 
Everything is cleared out of here

And I’m ready to move on….almost
This is one end of the living room with the cabinet all completed.
I still have to fill it and that requires
climbing into the attic

But it was great to have this extra seating over the holidays
People filled this bench seat and chairs…

And the spool bed bench I can’t seem to part with
They were also at the other end of the living room
And occasionally in these chairs too

It all looks so bare now
But, I have plans:
to cover the bench cushion
stand some old shutters next to the french doors
make a cornice board with burlap above the french doors
fill the bookcases
and decorate that wall above the spool bed bench

I also want to:
paint the kitchen
finish the lampshades for the hanging lights above the island
add to the b & w checked window dressings in the breakfast area
add a big chalkboard in the breakfast area
repaint the yellow and white stripes in the back hallway
( I did them about 10 yrs ago and they need it….badly)

And oh so many more things……
And that’s just three areas!
I have to say, I am enjoying just having it sort of bare and open right now
I’ll start next week…….
Thank goodness it’s not time to start working outside yet!

I also am determined 
(just short of making a resolution…you know how I feel about THAT)
to improve my blog and work on growth
I plan to get on Pinterest
I plan to consider ads 
( I know, I’m pretty small for that but just for consideration)
I plan to label my pictures..check mark….tah dah!
I plan to take better pictures
I plan to remember to write about many things not just

Big plans, one small person
I’m inspired by my very, absolute, favorite verse
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

I have needed so much strength in my life to get through
hurt and disappointment
failure and discouragement
disillusionment and despair

I will run the good race and keep my eyes on the prize
I will keep my eyes focused on the One who truly loves me
as I am
warts and all
clay feet

Everyday is a new opportunity to be a better person
Thank goodness


  1. can’t wait to see what comes next!!!! i LOVE everything — the bench — oh how i love it!!!!
    now if you need someone to fill the shelves — i would be glad to help you : ) LOL!!!! sending hugs and wishes for a picture perfect new year!

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