This morning, while the kids were all getting off to school,
 I decided to finally browse through the magazines 
that had been sitting in the studio for a week or two. 
Three of my very favorites…
I started with Romantic Country and I was so surprised
 when I saw a spread on Laurie Anna’s Vintage Home!
 I follow her blog and, if you don’t, you should. 
Full of gorgeous pictures which will inspire you. 
The spread profiled her shop….in Texas…of course….
why am I so far from all these wonderful places? Arrrgghh…..
You can find her blog here
A bit later I was reading through the posts on my blog list and there it was again! 
She had posted about it and had a string of well deserved congratulations!

Rainy and chilly here today again 
so hopefully I’ll get some effective creating done in the studio.

I had to share this one….
One of the kids had to go to school early today
As I pulled back up in the driveway, I saw two lonely Christmas wreaths still on windows.
Guess I forgot them! Back to the attic again! 
Are you still finding Christmas decorations around?
Please tell me I’m not the only one!


  1. oh i am jealous!!! i can’t tell you how many are waiting for me to pick them up and show them some attention!!!! they are calling my name — i sooooo have to make a moment in time to do it!!! glad you had some fun! as far as the soy candles — they are soooooo much cleaner and i HATE scent of any kind — i just love the cleanliness of soy!!!! so Nurse your a spot on!!!! : ) hugs…

  2. I HAVE to get inspiration somewhere Andrea and my mags and the blogs are it! Especially after the Christmas overload….I felt very uncreative! Batteries recharged now!

  3. I discovered a wad of tinsel this morning. lol No, you’re not the only one. Magazines are always a great source of inspiration. I have no idea how many I have, but when I was considering adding an addition to the house, my son suggested I build one with my mags. lol

  4. Isn’t Laurie Anna’s spread wonderful…trying to make time for a little more magazine reading!!

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