Movies That Inspire Me: Practical Magic

Today in this series of movies that have inspired me is Practical Magic.
It’s another older movie featuring a great house, let alone a quaint New England village!
Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are witch sisters with personal problems.
How’s that for a nutshell overview!
The pictures I have for you are primarily of the fabulous kitchen.
I am a kitchen lover because I love to cook and entertain and truly believe that
the kitchen is the real heart of the home.
So, I hope you enjoy these pictures I’ve chosen today!
Remember to visit Hooked on Houses if you can’t get your fix here.

Here is the big overview shot
I almost don’t know where to begin…..
cabinets with feet so they are furniture-like
white, white, white
double sided glass fronted cabinets
plate rack over the sink
apron sink
wall mounted faucets
matching open china cases that divide the room and make serving/display areas
wood floor against the white
back stairwell into the kitchen area

Now you’re seeing the other side of those china cabinets
pretty trim around the opening to the breakfast area
gothic windows
nice crown molding at top of cabinets
moldings between and on the cabinets
weathered wood island
This is essentially the same shot, but at night. What does this show?
Family sharing life around a kitchen table.
You can go almost anywhere in the world and find the same thing
no matter the language
no matter the race
no matter the financial status
through war
through disasters
through birth
through death
The kitchen is the heart of the home and nurturing through food 
is as old as time itself

Is your kitchen the heart of your home?
Or is there somewhere else you gather to share life? 


  1. Every time I watch Practical Magic, I am constantly pausing to pour over the details. I think I’ve worn grooves into the dvd :). The kitchen is definitely the heart of our home. Great post!

  2. there is never a question — the kitchen is without a shadow of a doubt the heart of the home!!!! no matter what! : ) thanks for sharing my friend — sending hugs…

  3. Heart of my home, mess of my home, catch all of my home…. it goes by so many names. If you re-do your kitchen to look like this one I’ll come over and hold a seance with you.


    • Hahaha….yes, the ‘heart’ of the home means EVERYTHING is happening there, doesn’t it!We built a big kitchen in this house and it is STILL packed every time we entertain. The kitchen draws everyone in doesn’t it?

  4. Ahh! Practical Magic!! My absolute favorite movie..just something about it..or should I say everything about it just pulls me in, I have to watch this movie about every six months or so. Everything about that house, the attic, the balconies off the bedrooms, the kitchen, the glass garden/potion concocting room, the full moon lit ocean views..AND..the music!Hmm..think I’ll put on the soundtrac and watch the movie later this evening. Thank you so much for this post.

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