Movies That Inspire me: The Stepmom

Good morning all. Hope you had a wonderful Sunday. 
True to my commitment, I am not posting on Sundays 
in an effort to keep one day a week with reduced work. 
We often go out for pizza after church and there are enough leftovers
 (and everyone has gorged enough!) 
that I don’t have to make another dinner on Sunday. 
So, with a couple things lessened, I can relax a bit. 
Yesterday was the day we went to feed the homeless so I needed to run the kids there 
but that is somewhere I am happy to take them.
 It has touched my heart that they have told me how they remember 
standing in the same kinds of lines many times. 
All of us have so much to be grateful for and a bit of reminding never hurts. 

On to today’s movie The StepMom.

Starring Julia  Roberts, Ed Harris (I love him) and Susan Sarandon, it is a bittersweet movie. 
Susan Sarandon plays the mother, Jackie, who is dying. 
Julia plays the stepmom whom  Jackie does not like one bit. 
However, she knows her kids will need to get to know Julia 
and so sets about “vetting” her for the role of their Mom. 
Eventually their relationship changes and , as I said earlier,
 the ending is bittersweet. 
I really cried. 
Thank goodness I saw it AFTER my kids were older.
But, in the midst of all this drama is a fantastic house. 
Here is the house with snow….isn’t it gorgeous?
diamond paned upper windows
large porch
adorable gabled windows
heavy support pieces under the roofline
side sitting porch (on the right)
double story walk out bay windows
wide steps
large pillars

What a great porch! This is around the side. 
gray floors (classic)
large pillars
french doors with diamond transoms
clapboard siding
I think the ceiling is beadboard
Here is the foyer. Very “real” looking.
spiral turned spindles on stairwell
finger grooved pillar
high wainscoting (on right under stairs)
angled wall with french door
wide enough for some furniture
nice thick moldings around doors
deep baseboards

Here is the kitchen. Once again, very “real” looking. Not tremendously large.
back stairway
diamond paned window
white cabinets
window over the sink (a must)
vintage back door
Here is an upstairs sitting area. I loved this so much I made one in my house too. I’ll show you sometime….when it looks nice!
gentle long arch supported with pretty corbels
thick moldings around windows
notice windows are separated a bit by trim…not bunched together
diamond paned upper windows
open stairwell

Now, these pics were all sets inspired by the real house.
I have some pics now of the real house.
I read in Hooked on Houses that it was for sale….can you imagine living in that place!
The real entryway…..beautiful. See the staircase they copied?
I think they wanted to make Jackie’s home a bit simpler and more real.
But you can see they captured the flavor of the old house very well.
Here is the real living room. Fantastic!
beautiful fireplace with pillars
coffered ceiling 
arched window over the french door
molding, molding,molding everywhere
stepped out fireplace creates a niche under a window
The real kitchen. I like this much better…do you?
marble countertops
nice windows…diamond panes again
great stove 
nice large center island
love the windows that go almost down to the countertop

So…a great house. 
.Watch the movie if you are able….get tissues….you’ll need them.

Are you enjoying this series? I hope so.
Add to my list by telling me your favorite movie houses.
Maybe there will be one I haven’t seen!

Today is Martin Luther King Day so the kids are home from school.
What a great day to show a movie that will help them realize the
changes he helped make in our country.
Most of our kids and , and I imagine, some of you cannot really appreciate what was
going on in our country in those days.
I was a young teenager in the late 60’s 
and have clear memories of the turmoil of those times.
He was a man with feet of clay and human failings.
But, he is one of my heroes for the dangerous stand he took
along with many others.
It resulted in his assasination.
It was a terrible time.
We should remember his life.


  1. thank you for sharing your heartfelt post! thank you! sending you and yours many hugs and thank you for taking the time to give back — it is so wonderful and makes my heart sing! sending you and yours tons of hugs and much much love!

  2. Thanks Andrea! You are an encouragement to me as I trudge along here!

  3. a sad but beautiful story … and the house … oh me oh my

  4. Iknow….I know…
    Thanks for stopping by!

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