Galvanized Look Tablecloth

You’re getting the result of my Art Show projects this week so bear with me!

The show is held in a warehouse so I wanted to have an urban feel with metal used as an element.
I decided I wanted to go with a metallic feel for the tables.
 I work, always, under a budget when I do these shows 
so I need to come up with ideas that won’t break the bank and MAYBE could be used again. 
So, nothing so flimsy it can’t be stored away. 
That’s not easy when there’s limited funds! 
But that just makes it more challenging and creative!
I secretly LOVE it….I guess it’s not a secret…really…

I admit that this look may not work for many parties you might do but you never know!
How about for a Star Wars party? 
Transformers party? 
Military party? 
Steampunk party?
Or anytime you want a more urban, masculine,or edgy look?
I think it looks like galvanized metal so maybe even a garden themed party. 

Here’s the look and how I made it….

Silver tarps…in the automotive section
Silver duct tape

I didn’t make measurements because I’m making 2 round and one rectangle so I bought two of the biggest tarps and knew it would be plenty. 
Measure the circumference of the table and the height so you’ll know if you can get the sides out of your tarp. I used the grommet edges for the bottom of the tablecloth so you are cutting along the edges of the tarp for your sides. 
If there’s enough left over in the center of the tarp to get your circle for the top, you’re fine. 
If you don’t want to do all the figuring, buy an extra tarp and return it if you don’t need it. 
You can’t piece the top but you can piece the sides if you need to.

The tablecloth I am making is 60 in across…a banquet size round table. 
I am lucky that my dining room table is the exact size so it made it a bit easier 
since I just worked on that. 
You need to either work at the actual table you are covering or re-create it 
with a circle the size you need and  set it on a base the same height as the actual table 
so your results will be correct..

This size tarp was $19.99 and I did my big table and still had some leftover.
You need a circle that is 1 in larger than the tabletop, and a side piece long enough 
to go around the table…remember, you can piece this….I did. 
I left the grommet edge along the floor because I liked the industrial look it gave.

Along the tabletop edge of the side pieces, make vertical cuts 
so you’ll be able to curve it around the table like this……

If you’re doing a straight table you can skip this part 
except for where the corners of your table are.
Next, lay the circle on the tabletop and put something heavy in the middle 
so it won’t shift on you.
Pick a place to start and tuck the upper edge of the side piece under the circle. 
Add a bit of silver duct tape to hold it in place. You want the tape to be just under the edge of the table because we’ll cover it with more duct tape later and we don’t want to see all those bits of tape showing.

All those cuts you made will allow the flat piece of tarp to curve around the table smoothly.
Initially, you’re just trying to get the flat piece attached to the round top. Don’t worry about much at this point, you’ll go back and adjust. The duct tape CAN pull off the silver surface so try and get it close to where you want it so you don’t have to rip off too many pieces of tape.
 Pull the side piece taut as you go and work your way around the table with little pieces of tape.

Once you have it all secured, go back and make it more smooth by tucking all those little flaps you made under the circle and taping them down. 
 I worked along one side for about 2 ft, then went to the other side of the table 
so I could pull it taut. Back and forth like that will give you a nice flat top. If the top is still too creased for your liking, when you’re done you can use a warm iron and a pressing cloth to smooth it out.
Keep an eye on the bottom of the side piece and make sure it runs nicely along the floor. If you have to piece the side, it’s fine, just tuck the cut edges behind the finished edges and tape them from the back. I had to do that here….

I made little tape rolls and secured it while I finished up. Then afterward I turned the tablecloth over and taped it all the way along the opening. 
If your table isn’t as large, you won’t need to do this.

Once you’ve finished getting the side piece on and you’re sure it looks the way you want,
 we’ll trim it with more duct tape. I found it easiest to sit on the floor 
so I was eye level with the edge when I did this part. 
It’s not necessary to do it all in one long strip but you can if you’re dextrous enough!
Apply the tape just below the edge of the table .

It blends in beautifully with the tarp. Press it smooth with your fingers. 
Go all the way around the table. I used two strips because I wanted a wider look. 
The pic above is just the one strip.

One metallic tablecloth! 

Now you can embellish in any additional way you want to. Stencil words, glue on additional metallic pieces (gears, straps….anything). You could also add some bands of duct tape across the middle to simulate seamed metal. 

I found these pieces in the garage and wanted to show you what it could look like. I can’t do this because it’s too expensive for all these nuts and bolts when I’m doing three tables.
 But it’s an idea for you…

If I have time, I will look for some rounded, silver thumbtacks. If I break off the tack part, I could hot glue the tops along the table and they’d give the ‘bolt’ effect.
We’ll see….I still have 2 more tablecloths to make!

Here it is again

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  1. Where was this idea when I was giving birthday parties for boys.


  2. Great idea! I’m trying to think where I can use this….


  3. m1m1vabeach says:

    where is the show? Is it this weekend in Va. Beach?

  4. What an unique’ tablecloth…who woulda thought?!
    THANKS for coming by and the sweet words:)

  5. That’s a very cool for an urban/industrial look. It would be perfect for a little boy’s birthday party too! Thank you for sharing with air your laundry Friday. 🙂

  6. This tablecloth is one of the unique stuff I’ve ever seen. Really a great idea ! I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before. So good to seek out any individual with some unique ideas on this subject.

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