Looking Up

I love design and I love to study design. 
That means I’m one of those people who READ the articles in design magazines. 
I have learned quite a lot over my many years of decorating for myself and for others.
Decorating well does not mean you need to have a lot of money.
I have been in many a home where there was quite a LOT of money spent and
the results were not good. I have been in homes where very little money was spent but as a result of a discerning eye and wise choices, 
the result was beautiful.
 My family knows my favorite designer quote:
“….every night I go to bed and pray that when I wake everyone with money will have taste and everyone with taste will have money.”
Mario Buatta

Good taste and a discerning eye is ALWAYS more important than
how much money you have. 
Read some of the design magazines and learn some of the principles
House & Garden, Veranda, Traditional Home
Architectural Digest
are just a few.
Get some of the design books from the library and read them
John Saladino, Mario Buatta, Mark Hampton, Charles Faudree,
Charlotte Moss, Bunny Williams, Mary MacDonald
are some of my favorites.

There are about 10 – 12 real principles that I usually follow.
I break rules all the time but in general, stay pretty true to them.
I wanted to look at one of them today because with Spring coming 
(or here, depending on where you are) 
everyone gets in the mood to spruce up.

Design Adage: The ceiling is the fifth wall

I’m looking up today and showing you things up high in my kitchen.
Drawing the eye upward expands the scale of the room.

Here’s the top of my fridge
a bit boring I know, but no cereal boxes please

I add and take away as the mood strikes and decorate seasonally
Christmas stuff is gone so not much is going on right now

An antique cranberry scoop

My granny’s laundry basket
almost 100 yrs old

An antique swift (I think…if you know tell me)

A couple of antique scales and an old biscuit tin

Next to the refrigerator is the back hallway
I hung this vintage window in the doorway

Above the doorway to the breakfast area is a small area perfect for some china

The tin ceiling is a nice way to add some character to that fifth wall

I’m a big believer in “use what you have” decorating.
Rotate your things, give away what you haven’t displayed in years,
don’t feel badly that your taste has changed…that’s good. 
Give some things to a young homemaker starting out…
I was really happy when people did that for me.

I have no idea why I felt like writing this today
but there you have it!

 Look up…what’s on top of YOUR fridge?

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  1. I soo agree ..no cereal boxes please ..lol
    Your house is always so pretty ..and I love the new blog design ..fabulous !

  2. Well, I have no cereal boxes, but with almost no storage in my kitchen, I have resorted to having 2 baskets with all of our bread, tortillas, and crackers in them.

  3. I recently pulled down my over fridge shelving and replaced it with open shelving. Use them for what i hope is attractive storage. Much better utilization of space. Love your vintage scales. What does a swift do?

  4. Chatty Cathy…I think that works great! The necessaries are just out of sight!

    Somewhat Quirky….A swift takes yarn or thread and winds it so it can be used without tangling….but, I’m not real sure that’s even what it is!

  5. Wine is on top of my fridge. I should probably rotate that huh?


  6. old seltzer bottles & a vintage basket on top of my fridge. great post-love your gradma’s basket! 🙂 chris

  7. Love your collection! My fridge top is empty!

  8. The vignettes make your home a one-of-a-kind. Very special.

  9. Use what you have girl! Preach it! That is so me. Love the advice – thanks for coming by to link up! I would love for you to come back again!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  10. Love your collection! Very special!

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