Shutter Candleholder Tutorial

Spring is in the air…there’s a spruce up your porch Linky party on Monday and I just went to the Garden Center at Home Depot.
It won’t be long before my days will get busier as the garden gets going!
Soon, I’ll be sitting on my porch again listening to the night sounds.
One of my favorite projects from the past is these shutter candleholders.
They are super easy to make. The hardest part is finding shutters!

They’re so pretty when they’re lit up and very inexpensive if you find shutters at the thrift store.

This is such a flexible project….
The shutters you use can be any height. 
You can paint them any color you like.
They can be a bit banged up  and even missing some louvers
(as long as you’re fine with it)
They can be hinged or not.

The only requirement is that you have four shutters that are the same size. 
Most I come across are about  8 – 10 inches wide. 

First, hook your shutters together. If they have hinges on them, it’s fine.
I usually leave them and just paint right over them. Stand four shutters together and see how they fit. You’re trying to get as square a shape as possible. Decide if you need to remove any hinges in order to make them fit better. 

If you’re happy with the fit, screw or nail them together. 

Next, make a base.
 I like MDF but plywood is fine. 3/4 inch thickness is best to give a good bite for the screws without splitting the wood. Set your shutter unit on top of the wood and
trace around the INSIDE of the unit. Cut it out.
Now, I like a base because I want to pick it up and move it with the candle inside. 
You can certainly just set it over a candle and skip this whole step.

(see how 3 sides have hinges and one doesn’t?)

 I like the base to be inside because I want to only see finished shutter on the outside. Cut out your piece….set your unit over it…..nail or screw the base onto the unit.

Done with the construction part….how easy is that?

Now, spray paint with whatever color you want. Get fancy and distress, use chalk paint and wax, paint with multiple colors….anything goes. Just fit your decor.

I didn’t realize when I first made these last spring, but apparently they are in those ‘beachy’ shops for $50 + ……who knew?!!

I use a candle inside a glass container because the breezes on the porch will put the candle out pretty quickly. 

My customers have used them for mantels and their kitchens. They look nice anywhere.
You definitely need to make a few of these.

Happy Spring!!!

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  1. Just pinned this under my “stuff to make” reminder for myself. Those are super cute, I love them.

    How awesome these would look painted just like that outside by the pool


  2. m1m1vabeach says:

    I saw small shutters yesterday at an estate sale and wished I could think of something to do with them. $10 for 2 panels, maybe I should go back LOL

  3. I love this idea. I just became your newest follower. I hope you will follow me back.

  4. Totally love these, very artistic! I’m completely new to blogging and just having a nose about to see what I can see!

    Kt x

  5. What an awesome idea, Lorraine. I love it!!

  6. Adorable. I love shutters and just posted about using them for an outdoor project too. Come over if you get the chance. Love the colors and your creativity. Wow. great idea!

  7. These are so cute! I love the idea. I’m a new follower and I’d love for you to follow me back!

  8. mimivabeach (Ethel) says:

    Lorraine, are you painting them on the inside, too? I found enought to make two lights and I wondered if I should paint the inside before putting together.

  9. Great tutorial!
    Awesome idea and I love your job!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  10. very artistic….Adoring all these…

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  12. I cannot imagine this beautiful the candle handler looks which is made from the shutters.
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