Joy and Dismay

This time of year is so complex.
 Everything is growing which either results in joy or dismay. 
Dismay when I see the thistle plants in the {neglected} front flower bed are 4 ft tall. 
Joy when the climbing rose just two feet away is chock full of blooms 
and the warm sun releases their gorgeous fragrance. 

Dismay when I see the forsythia bushes still in pots needing to be planted
 and joy when I see that the recent mild temperatures 
have allowed the violas to continue to thrive in the porch pots. 

Dismay when I see the pomegranate tree still in a pot waiting to be planted

 and then joy when I notice some flowering taking place. 
Dismay that the Miss Kim lilac is so quickly finished blooming 
but joy when I see the nearby grapevine is beginning to fruit.  

Joy when I notice my beloved hydrangeas are beginning to flower alongside the dismaying 
and empty vegetable gardens. 

Joyfully breathing in the heady scent of the peonies 
surrounded by a dismaying amount of weeds. 

Yearning to go out to the garden and create beauty 
but bound by unchangeable duties that prevent me……
as I said before……complex.  

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  1. ooooh, I can’t believe you guys are already blooming! Not even close here. Had a big freeze this weekend and burned all my hydrangeas. boohoo! stay loose!

  2. Oh my we have nothing you have blooming!
    We have Rhodos blooming, heather and a few others the hosstas are starting to grow, the Lily of the Valley is starting!
    We will not see any of your flowers for a few months…although I have seen a few protected Lilacs is after all only 2 weeks to Mothers Day!
    Love your last post about your brother & SIL duties while you are away in PARIS!…Very fun! So excited for you!
    Thanks for dropping by & your sweet comment!

  3. Your plants look beautiful. Gardening can be a big chore but your photos make it look worth the work.

  4. Adorable! I can relate Here’s how I said the very same thing.
    Blessings and more joy than dismay come your way!

  5. p.s. Oh what is growing really well are the dandelions in our lawn!…I think our neighbours hate us!

  6. Us too…… only thing coming up is yellow weeds.


  7. There is nothing so relaxing as digging in the flower beds and puttering around the yard. I can hardly wait! Just think of all the weed pulling you can do after your trip! Heaven!

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