Linens and Things From Paris

I realized when I looked through my posts from Paris, that although I posted about visiting the Marche au Puces, I never showed you what I bought!
So today you’ll see some of my purchases!
This coarse cloth with red stripes was actually bought at the 
embroidery shop I visited.

It was about $11/yd and seemed to me to be similar to the coarse cloth 
everyone is using for pillows and such. 
I’ve never bought much of these fabrics online because I’m sure
 that much of what is touted as grain sack fabric or metis is simply a coarse cloth.
 I don’t disagree with selling something like that (I’m a big knockoff gal!)
 but I think it’s not exactly honest if you don’t say it’s “similar to” or “like” grain sack.
 Looking on the site of a real vendor from France will clue you in as to what 
the real thing might cost you.
 Unless you actually chopped up a grain sack I don’t think it’s right. 
The pillows I sell are always listed as made of 
100% linen fabric “similar to” grain sack.
 I guess it’s just me, but I don’t trust a $10 pillow made of a real French grain sack…
insert and all….
Now, with this fabric, I could say it’s French fabric with honesty. 
So, I bought 4 yds.
One of the booths I went to had stacks and stacks of linens 
with red embroidery.
I found initials AH and decided on those 
since one of my husband’s female relatives had those initials.
This is, again, a heavy coarse cloth which may be metis….
I’ve never seen real metis so I don’t know. 
I should have asked her. But my experience with fabric tells me it could be.
My understanding of metis is that it’s a blend of linen and cotton, coarse but soft, and a bit nubby. This fabric is like that so maybe….
 I bought two and they are nice and large so I may be able to use them to upholster the back of a French style chair I have in my garage pile….someday….

I found vintage tea towels that said Chez Jenny! 
My sister has a Paris inspired kitchen and her nickname is Jenny! Perfect!

I also found two pillow shams which were very large 
and had pretty lace and embroidery.
The initials are R M… family similarity there but I wanted them anyway!
I’m a seamstress and could tell that the cases 
were not hand stitched but done on a  machine.
That doesn’t change anything for me since sewing machines have been around 
for an awfully long time.
The crocheted edging is beautiful and closely looking at the front and back of the embroidery led me to believe that it was hand done.
The edges of the embroidery are slightly uneven in places unlike the perfection that machine embroidery would do. So, at about $40 US for the pair…it was a bargain.

I found other things in that cute little trinket shop with all the bins.
This old paddle was found in another shop……
Some old shuttles
And some rulers….
I also bought a pretty gravy boat and a small pink plate. 
My creamer with the side spout broke in the suitcase. 
The result of a customs inspection I imagine.
 It was unwrapped and not re-wrapped.
 It was inexpensive but unusual so I was disappointed at that.
I also lugged home a demijohn

That suffered some minor damage with the same inspection issue I suppose. 
It needed to be placed a certain way in the suitcase in order to fit….
the inspectors forced the case closed and crunched some of the willow but….
it just looks more vintage…right? 
At least the bottle wasn’t broken!

The funny story with that demijohn is when the shoe man at the flea market told me that they fly over to Tunisia, buy them for about 7E 
and then re-sell them at the flea…
just like us!!
I laughed and said, “well, I can’t go to Tunisia so I guess I have to pay the price here.”
Book a flight to Tunisia if you want cheap demijohns.

Free advice for today….

So, do you like what I found?

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  1. LOVE y our awesome French treasures and the stories.

    It is BLEH that the customs people don’t respect purchases more. I hate that for you, but you seem to have a wonderful attitude.

  2. Your french treasures are wonderful! I love the white embroidered shams! Gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful grainsacks, I wouldn’t care if it weren’t the real thing:) Thanks for being honest though, I love the pillows cases so very pretty!

  4. I love your grainsacks. I get kind of leery when people tout something as the “real thing” because you know it is an imitation. There are do many things out there that are not what they appear to be. I agree- that as long as you say “similar to” or “like” you have given the truth and then it is up the buyer to make the decision.

    You found some beautiful things- I love all the embroidered pieces you found. I have several old family pieces that warm my heart- xo Diana

  5. I love everything!!! The linens are beautiful and I am loving demijohns, ever since I started blogging and saw them everywhere. Well, in people’s homes that is!!! I only have one, and it is a knock off but I love it amyway. XO, Pinky

  6. I’d love to be able find that fabric locally and stitch me up some great pillows for my living room. Beautiful, fun linens and that demijohn is wonderful!!

  7. Yes I do like what you found. Love the linens – especially the shams. I’m not sure that I would have been so gracious about them breaking my stuff. I would have been tempted to carry that stuff back on my lap.

  8. WOW, Lorraine you scored the real deals there! I love the linens and would treasure them too.

  9. Beautiful finds. The Chez Jenny towels were meant to be. Love the demijohn of course. I would have lugged it too.

  10. Beautiful linens, Lorraine! I love those tea towels!

  11. How absolutley amazing to have traveled to France. Even more special to have beautiful French linen.
    I’d love for you to share this on Shabbilicious Friday where we share shabby, French and vintage ~

  12. Yes, I like! I would love a demijohn but I’m waiting on a flight to Tunisia!

  13. Oh, lucky you, you found some amazing linens. and anytime you need a partner to head over to Tunisia, just let me know!! thanks for linking up to the party!

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