My Favorite Dust Bunny

Do you have any dust bunnies in your house?
I’m sure you know what dust bunnies are….those rounded clumps of dust
that often appear under beds…in corners….
or right out in plain sight

you can hop but you can’t hide….

Well, Karianne at Thistlewood Farm has 
(of course) 
figured out what to do with them…

stuffing pillows?
filler for Easter baskets?
making homemade paper?
thrifty replacements for cotton balls? (eeww)
She sprung up and made ANOTHER site for you to visit!
I’m not sure what the title “A Dust Bunny Life” refers to but I can make a pretty good guess…..
I’m one of those guilty people that has 
pet dust bunnies  
because I would rather spend time making stuff….
any stuff…
 than chase dust bunnies….
After all, until right this minute when I revealed my secret, 
you thought I didn’t have any dust bunnies….
you had me on a pedestal didn’t you?
I know, once I posted pictures of our house you thought it looked like that all the time…
didn’t you?
Excuse me….I have to change my shirt 
because I just snorted coffee through my nose 
as I was writing this…..
thank goodness I NEVER drink HOT coffee anymore
Monday morning here reveals:

I took a small set design job recently and worked four days last week on that.
So I read five papers between Sat morning and Sun….
I was too lazy to throw them away….
and this

I decided to sort some clothes for Goodwill
they will actually go with me today when I leave so one spot will be cleaned up!
then there’s this lovely sight

My husband saw the boys room and made them clean it up on Sat.
Just great….I knew what was coming….
Of course, their method is to gather everything from the floor
carry it to the laundry room and put it in baskets.
My husband looks and says 
‘good job boys’
they smile and beam happily because
appreciates their dedication to cleanliness and gives them the praise 
they deserve!
When I start yelling about the sudden appearance of laundry they all stare at me blankly.
So, this week I made the two youngest do the laundry they had gathered
“yes sir, yes sir, three bags full”
I made them remove the 
DS games, Legos, shoes, belts, hats, etc 
from the pile first.

Now, you don’t understand our process here….
let me explain:
1. I do laundry on Monday
2. I place baskets full of clean laundry in the hallway where they will trip over it or, 
at the very least, 
have to make extra effort to go around it to get to the 
TV /PS3/computer/telephone
3. I tell them that they have until Tues night to get it folded and put away 
or it will be dumped on their beds
4. On Tues night, I dump it on their beds
5. They push it off their beds so they can go to sleep
6. The rest of the week, they waste a lot of morning time picking out wrinkled things to wear
 and sniffing underwear and socks
7. On Sunday, they scoop up everything from the floor and put it in the baskets
 On Monday we start the process again.
See how it works?

There is work staring me in the face everywhere
tables, chairs, lamps, noodles

The noodle challenge is coming up….
I have to do that don’t I?

So, go visit A Dust Bunny Life
enter a project…or two
here’s mine

Do you have pet dust bunnies?


  1. I have pet dust bunnies that have THEIR OWN pet dust bunnies. I had to laugh- I used to have almost the same routine. If rooms were cleaned before school started Monday morning…everything, clean and dirty…including papers, books, etc…went into a big laundry basket and I put it inside their closet. At least the room looked neat!;>) xo Diana

  2. Awwww, what am I going to do with that spare pedestal now? I guess it will hold a few more empty coffee cups and unfinished projects. I think any of us who have a cat or dog has a few dust bunnies…or as I like to call them “fluff” bunnies. Thanks for the humor today!

  3. Heehee! Boy can I ever relate to this post! Thanks for making me giggle.

  4. It’s nice to know you are human and your house is not perfect. Neither is mine by the way. I am still too embarassed to show the mess. I applaud you whole heartedly.

  5. Oh, your story brings me back to when our daughters were in high school. Same story, different place. I threatened to bring their clothes on the floor to Goodwill, and still they were not picked up. So I shoved them in leaf bags and locked them in my car trunk. They didn’t even miss them, because girls have too darn many clothes!!!

    We’re running out of bedrooms because there are far too many dust bunnies residing up there. :@

    Noodle challlenge? I’m going to have to check that out.

  6. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sending hugs!!!!!

  7. Too funny – love the dust bunnies! When my daughter was 12 she would mix up the clean and dirty clothes – that was the day she learned to do her own laundry! Once when there was clothing all over the floor, I dumped out her dresser drawers – told her this was apparently how she wanted her room to look. After some tears, she put everything away and was better at putting her clothes away. We laugh about it now – 25 yrs. later!

  8. Have you thought about another approach to the laundry system? I think I would be tempted to keep record of who gets their laundry put away each week and who doesn’t. If they put their laundry away they earn laundry service for the next week. If they don’t – they don’t. You’re a good sport.

  9. too funny!

  10. Thank you so very much for stopping by, I’m now a Linky follower and also liked your fb, the GFC isn’t working right now but I’ve added you to my sidebar so will try again!

  11. I don’t name my dust bunny’s, but I’ve been known to snort coffee a time or two through my nose.


  12. okay….I am so glad I wasn’t drinking my coffee because I laughed out loud at the most adorable dust bunny EVER! You are so wonderful….and creative….and I am so glad you are my friend!


  13. We love your shutter project and your cute little dust bunny!

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