Surprise Table

I hope your summer is off to a great start!
Graduation is over here, company is gone and I’m back to work!

I can’t think of anything 
MORE FUN than being a DIYer in the SUMMER….can you?

Here are a few


                      1. paint either dries too fast or doesn’t dry for days

                      2. flying insects land in your not dry paint with annoying frequency

                      3. I am never home so I get to work in the evening 
                          to make up for the lost time….

                      4. The temperature at 9:15 this morning was 88 and it is only going to get                                     

                      5. when I sand furniture the dust sticks to my arms, legs, neck, face, chest and
              cakes in my sweaty hair
                      6. I want to sleep in but if I don’t work early in the morning it is too hot
            7. I have to shower twice a day (at least)

This last one is just a bonus summer fun fact for you…….
 I get to wear my very favorite outfit 
a swimsuit, 
several times a week, 
in front of people….

This item is my favorite thing in the garage during the summer

It really intensifies the FUN when the fan is 
blowing dust, paper and anything else I might be working with all over the place. 
I can hardly stand it…….

Here’s today’s project……
what, you thought I was just going to complain?

The surprise table…..
It’s a surprise because I didn’t plan for it to look like it does.
It was a dirty white with sticker residue all over it when I found it at that 
yard sale I went to.
It was sturdy and I loved the cutout legs.
I wanted to do something beachy so I was going to paint it blue with white stripes….
or white with blue stripes…..I can never decide which is best…….
I cleaned it up and decided to use the power sander 
because of those
sticky spots…..
 But then……this is where the surprise come in….
I found yellow AND blue paint underneath…
So, my whole plan went another direction but it came out quite well!
I sanded the sides and the shelf too and found the same colors!
This meant to me, that one of 
those Moms 
(you know who you are)
didn’t say
“well of course my darling, perfect child…you just paint any color you want on that table 
so it is totally ugly individual and will never be put in any room in my house 
it’s all yours, my darling perfect child.”

Instead, I had a nice overall yellow and blue to work with
It looks so nice with my yellow sofa!
I tried to make it look more beachy
adding shells and bottles and driftwood

Yellow is beachy too

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be even hotter……
I can hardly wait………

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  1. After all that, it came out darling. It DOES look great with your sofa. Try to stay cool. I bet it’s humid too.

  2. I love that kinda surprise. Don’t even get me started on the heat. I’m chilling inside again today.

  3. Cute table. I may copy that design and make one! Love the shells and bottles.

  4. Hi Lorraine,
    Wow, do I have so much to catch up on!
    Your little table is so sweet. Happy surprise.
    I laughed when I read about all the sticky humid horrible conditions we are forced to create in! Too hot for anything! We’re having a thunderstorm right now and I’m loving it.
    I’ll be reading your posts to catch up. 🙂

  5. Yes, yes. Yellow is so very beachy and this little table conjures up all sort of images of the seaside. Thanks for sharing it. Stop over and visit me at Quirky Vistas sometime.

  6. Hi. I found you at Sherry’s Open House link party. I love your surprise table and all the sea goodies in the bottom holding shelf. Cute! Robyn

  7. That is just amazing and such a nice surprise! It really is a sweet little table.

    It’s even hot up here in the North! 95 degrees today & tomorrow….oh my goodness!

  8. I’m so glad you left it with the yellow and blue paint showing through. Perfect!
    Mary Alice

  9. Such a cute table and I love the finish. How wonderful to find these colors underneath the paint. Thanks for joining the Open House party.

  10. Very entertaining. I can totally relate, since I hate hot humid days. It’s a good thing I live in northern MN where we only get a handful of those days in the summer. And having to wear a bathing suit in front of people you know, that’s the worst of all!!

    I like your “happy surprise” table. And yes, yellow is beachy. It’s the color of the sun, after all!

  11. OH- I don’t do humid well at all. I can take heat if there is a breeze but the humidity does me in…and I hate painting in the heat.

    Ummm..bathing suit and I are NOT friends- especially in front of people- xo Diana

  12. It was wicked hot here too today. I cracked up at the taking two showers a day. What a pain!

  13. It is HIT, hot here too, 98 today, YUCK! Your table turned out great and goes perfectly with your sofa! XO, pinky

  14. Beautiful little table. I love the sunshiny yellow color 🙂 It is hot up here in Massachusetts – high 90s even here by the sea.

  15. Listen, that table is adorable, of course yellow is beachy…love how you put those beach items in the bottom, very clever.!!!

    Don’t get me started on the heat…95 here today and worse tomorrow, it even smells ugly out there…and of course, this weekend is my big garage sale….I’ll probably throw up out there……yuk!!!

  16. That table is adorable…and I LOVE that chippy yellow color. With your added beach accents it picture perfect! Great Job!

  17. Now that’s what I call a very nice surprise! LOVE that table and the pretty beach accents you added to the bottom!! Stopped over from Inspiration Fri.

  18. Of course yellow is beachy! It’s the color of the sun. This is perfect for your porch!

  19. Thanks for all the nice comments! If you didn’t hear from me via email then it’s because you have “no reply” in your address….check that so you don’t miss the replies when you leave comments! That would be a real shame and makes me feel badly! I just figured this out myself and realized all those replies I wrote were floating somewhere in cyberspace…oh no!

  20. I love the color and it looks so cute the way you’ve filled it!

  21. absolutely, yellow is beachy! i love that “bin” full of shells beneath, it’s perfect! i once had a summer job that had me painting all summer … hence, summer comes and i have the urge to paint. last year i painted a desk for my daughter. i waited until evening so it would be slightly cooler. and every. single. black. bug. within a five mile radius came and imbedded itself in the wet paint, so we had a pink with black polkadots desk on our hands. ha!

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