Faux Zinc Lamp

These dog days of summer really make it hard to do projects.
I’ve been finishing up some small projects like that French chair
and this lamp base

I love zinc stuff do you?

But they’re not easy to find
and most of them aren’t lamp bases I’d bet
This started out as an antique gold lamp….somewhere there’s a picture, just not here, today…..
This lamp had lots of great details and an appropriately vintage look for this treatment…

I painted it with dark gray primer, then used gesso…

Finally, I used some ASCP Duck Egg Blue and rubbed that in
Last step was dark wax in some of the crevices….

Here it is without dark wax….you can see the need…..

Once I had the color and look I wanted, the whole thing was waxed with clear and rubbed hard to get a dull shine

I’ll be the first to say that it looks much better in person….hence all the closeups…
I spent WAY too much time moving this lamp around trying to get a full shot so this is all you get…..

I have three more bases in the garage…..I think they’ll get the same treatment!
Another closeup…

How do you like it?


  1. I think that’s pretty amazing! You did an awesome job.

  2. WELL DONE- looks amazing and just like the real deal. Awesome.

  3. Wow, Lorraine, you could have fooled me. This is an incredible knock off look. Thanks for sharing your technique. I happen to have two lamp bases and I think I might give this a try!

  4. It’s gorgeous Lorraine! I really like it.

  5. Love this. I have some zinc tags I attach to things and I think they add just the right touch. Congrats on selling MMS milk paint. Hope you are a smashing success. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. You’ve created a beautiful “zinc” lamp base! I need to shop around my house to see what I could give the zinc look.

  7. GREAT GREAT job! It does look like pewter!!! xo Diana

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I love zinc and this is a great tutorial!

  9. George Bryson says:


    I’m new to Gesso, can you tell me which one you used for this project.



  10. What is the gesso got?

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