A Harlequin Table (How to Remain Calm in The Face Of Trauma)

I'm going to show you the transformation of this petite coffee table to this pretty harlequin table I am also going to teach you a valuable lesson on how not to panic in the face of trauma. Only you will understand WHY this could have been a disaster... The uninformed people would sneer and say..."over a stupid table?" Those people are … [Read more...]

Adios and Au Revoir! (French-Western?)

I am here to share the latest BIG trend in Home Decor....French-Western style....... Back in the day when Miss Kitty leaned over the bar  so Marshall Dillon could look at her ruffles I was an almost tween who avidly watched my latest crushes... even in black and white.... And sometimes...IN LIVING COLOR.... a big term … [Read more...]

Gardening with Children

Doesn't that title sound sweet? I don't know about you but visions of Tasha Tudor's and Joan Walsh Anglund's little drawings pop up. Little girls in soft smocked dresses, brimmed hats and little wellies are carrying baskets, wielding rakes and digging in pretty, deep flower borders. Boys that look like Christopher Robin in little shorts and blond … [Read more...]