Well!! After a VERY LONG hiatus I am back on the blog!! It feels SO GOOD!  Some was my fault....marriages, births, deaths, nervous breakdown....OK, maybe that last one is a BIT of an exaggeration! Just when I thought I would post again....a blog glitch that I couldn't solve and one that I kept saying "I'll get to that later...."....with … [Read more...]

Milk Painted Wine Crate

All you folks who live in the great areas where you have to pick through fantastic junk just to decide WHICH piece to keep......I am blowing raspberries at you! Around here it is a real hunt to find anything even remotely cool...junkwise. I was VERY surprised to see this on the shelf at Goodwill.......a wine crate....and WHAT a year!! 2009!!! … [Read more...]

Haven Break Part Deux- French Friday: Quiche Lorraine

I'm still away at Haven so I've shared another recipe from my French Friday series! If you remember, I was privileged enough to go to Paris last May and before I left, I cooked a special French dish every week to share with you! Today is Quiche Lorraine..... This is one of the most classic, common and widely served dishes in France. It's … [Read more...]

Haven Break- French Salade Nicoise

I am leaving for Haven this morning...picking up Kirby from Kirb Appeal along the way! I thought I'd share a couple older posts that fit the season! Some of you may not know that I took the dream of a lifetime trip a year ago in Paris!! It was somewhere I have wanted to go since I was a girl and it was just wonderful! Too short, … [Read more...]

A French Girly Girl Desk

I promised I would try and keep using some Powder River colors so you could see them on actual furniture. Here is a girly petite desk I did with one of the lighter colors called Teton. Just a bit distressed and I added a stencil to the top using acrylic craft paint. It's quite a change from this French provincial style before … [Read more...]

French Style Re-Purposed Bicycle Basket

I've found a few wicker bicycle baskets at the thrift store. I knew they would lend themselves very well to being re-purposed as a vintage looking wall or door basket. Here is one I made a couple months ago. It's been hanging around waiting for some dried hydrangeas and it's finally the right time for those! It's been very rainy here and the … [Read more...]

Milk Paint French Bee Cabinet

Last week I dropped off a cabinet to the shop. it was a pretty, antique, two door console with cabriole legs. There were original wood casters on the legs. I had been working on it awhile. Except for the top, it was in very good shape. I sanded the whole thing because the finish was very dry and flaking off.  I stripped all the veneer off the … [Read more...]

A Harlequin Table (How to Remain Calm in The Face Of Trauma)

I'm going to show you the transformation of this petite coffee table to this pretty harlequin table I am also going to teach you a valuable lesson on how not to panic in the face of trauma. Only you will understand WHY this could have been a disaster... The uninformed people would sneer and say..."over a stupid table?" Those people are … [Read more...]