Well!! After a VERY LONG hiatus I am back on the blog!! It feels SO GOOD!  Some was my fault....marriages, births, deaths, nervous breakdown....OK, maybe that last one is a BIT of an exaggeration! Just when I thought I would post again....a blog glitch that I couldn't solve and one that I kept saying "I'll get to that later...."....with … [Read more...]

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Classes

Milk Paint classes are in full swing at my newest venue....The Rusty Cottage at 617 Jack Rabbit Rd here in Virginia Beach! The area there is much larger than the space in my own little booth at Barrett St Antique Mall so we are able to paint some much larger items! Like this step-stool we did on Thursday evening:   Everyone … [Read more...]

Milk Painted Wine Crate

All you folks who live in the great areas where you have to pick through fantastic junk just to decide WHICH piece to keep......I am blowing raspberries at you! Around here it is a real hunt to find anything even remotely cool...junkwise. I was VERY surprised to see this on the shelf at Goodwill.......a wine crate....and WHAT a year!! 2009!!! … [Read more...]

Primitive Jelly Cabinet

I have the same problem that many people have who are in least I HOPE I do...otherwise I might just cry! I spend a lot of time either finding and hauling home, painting or otherwise improving, transporting and pricing, rearranging and sprucing  the furniture or smaller items for the shop... Then there's the whole paint … [Read more...]

Vintage Finds

I shared the other week that I go to a local flea market once monthly and ALWAYS find something. I don't think I have ever come home empty handed. Last month was no exception and I thought I'd share two of my favorite a couple other things! I have a favorite vendor. Her name is Carina. She comes alone, in a van that is jam … [Read more...]

Rustic Fall Table Centerpiece

It is still very warm weather here in the South. The other day when I was returning from a furniture delivery w-a-a-a-y out in the back of beyond...I followed a truck overflowing with pumpkins. It was the first one I had seen. Then, just yesterday I saw one of the larger farm markets had big boxes of pumpkins getting unloaded. So, I guess it's time … [Read more...]

Flea Market Finds:Hobby Horse

I attend a monthly flea market in a nearby town. We don't have much at all in this line around here so I never miss it. My husband started going with me several months ago and he has even started to enjoy it! I think..... We meet my brother and his wife, Mandy there each month. Mandy and I dedicate ourselves to finding great deals. Matt and my … [Read more...]

Decoupaged Map Chair

I had some wifi trouble yesterday so I am a day late with this! I tried another shade of the Fusion Mineral Paint out on a vintage desk chair. This is of my new favorite colors....beautiful isn't it? I had a vintage captain's chair I wanted to paint. And, I wanted to decoupage the seat with a map! I thought it would … [Read more...]