Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Classes

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Yay!!! Thanks to the magical workings of Janel Hutton (the absolute GREATEST blog tweaker in history) I am now up and running for online Milk Paint 101 class registrations!!! If you are local and interested in attending a class, just scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see "Upcoming Events" in the sidebar! Just click on the class … [Read more...]

Making a Decoupage Christmas Deer


I promised I'd show you more about making this pretty deer I did for the vintage show last Friday (here) I started with a gold painted paper mache deer from AC Moore. I sprayed it with white primer to cover the gold. Then, using this roll of printed tissue from Tim Holtz ( I LOVE all his stuff), I just began gluing on torn pieces using … [Read more...]

Vintage Market at Sanctuary Vineyard


I have been SO out of it since this market last Friday! Sorry it took awhile to post some pretty pictures for you to see. I was working like crazy to get ready…cleared out the mess for Thanksgiving dinner and then dragged a bunch of stuff out to finish up on Thanksgiving night. Thank goodness we could set up on Wed or it would have about killed … [Read more...]

Milk Paint Dropleaf Table (Artissimo)


I am so excited today share at the Inspiration Cafe!! I have NEVER done a guest post before…….. But after this stellar appearance…..…I'm sure my inbox will be full of enticing offers to guest post all over blogland….right? I'll be polishing my resume while you read…... Head on over there and see what I did with MMS Milk Paint, some Frog … [Read more...]

Replacing Porch Railings

front porch

I don't think I've mentioned that my husband is in the middle of a huge job on the front porch. We built in 2001 and were on a budget. Faux railings were around but too pricey for us at the time. So, my husband turned all the spindles for the railing….really…every one on the lathe. It was a lot of work but saved a lot of money.And it was … [Read more...]

Shabby Milk Paint School Chair


Working on some more small things around here….. I had some MMS Milk Paint already mixed up for a little drop leaf table I am doing so in between coats of that I spied a little wood school chair in the pile of junk. Why waste time on BIG things which would actually make a difference? Not me, I just grab the little things because they're … [Read more...]

Pretty Milk Paint Table (MMS Dried Lavender)


My booth has been so full with the large pieces I finished for the Vintage Frame Of Mind show in September that I have not done much painting lately! I sold that pretty Grain Sack drop-leaf table which made a bit of room but I still haven't been motivated to add another large piece. Never fear…there are plenty of smaller tables and chairs to … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Au Gratin


Well…all the waiting is over…. The Great Pumpkin has finally arrived……..OK…just a bit late that's all…. This is the Halloween post that never was…. Picture editing problems took care of THAT! You're getting it anyway… seriously, I should have "better late than never" tattooed across my chest….backwards of course, so I can read it in … [Read more...]