Rustic Fall Table Centerpiece

It is still very warm weather here in the South. The other day when I was returning from a furniture delivery w-a-a-a-y out in the back of beyond...I followed a truck overflowing with pumpkins. It was the first one I had seen. Then, just yesterday I saw one of the larger farm markets had big boxes of pumpkins getting unloaded. So, I guess it's time … [Read more...]

Flea Market Finds:Hobby Horse

I attend a monthly flea market in a nearby town. We don't have much at all in this line around here so I never miss it. My husband started going with me several months ago and he has even started to enjoy it! I think..... We meet my brother and his wife, Mandy there each month. Mandy and I dedicate ourselves to finding great deals. Matt and my … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Au Gratin

Well…all the waiting is over…. The Great Pumpkin has finally arrived……..OK…just a bit late that's all…. This is the Halloween post that never was…. Picture editing problems took care of THAT! You're getting it anyway… seriously, I should have "better late than never" tattooed across my chest….backwards of course, so I can read it in … [Read more...]

Velvet Pumpkin (or how I finally got on the bandwagon)

I'm not sure if you noticed but making pumpkins out of every material imaginable is all over the place. I saw gorgeous velvet pumpkins last year on several sites and thought I needed to make some this year. Well (apparently) velvet pumpkins weren't enough. This year I have seen pumpkins made of: -wood -old shirts -burlap … [Read more...]

Fall Decor in the Foyer

Last Saturday we had some company for dinner. My brother, sister-in-law and her Mum, who was visiting from the UK. I cleaned off the dining room table in honor of them.......and I've kept it clean because for the next two weekends we will be having company. All I need is a reason and I can be just as dedicated as all the Suzy Homemakers … [Read more...]

Fall Decorating (or Not)

I need to make a serious disclaimer here... This post is NOT about Fall's NOT... I have some very dear friends out there in Bloglandia and they mean the world to me. I worry about them. About their projects.. About their families... About their blogs.... About their health.....especially their mental … [Read more...]

Fall Table Centerpiece

I promised to show you some more areas of the living room getting the Fall treatment. You've seen the mantel already. Here is the arrangement I did for the coffee table. A centerpiece is not too hard as long as the right elements are included. In this case Fall colors, rustic pieces and....what else, a pumpkin..... I found this rustic box when … [Read more...]

Wild Fall Mantel

In the Spring I created a mantel display that used a crazy tangle of grapevines, bees, butterflies and flowers. In the center I used a Graphics Fairy design that I applied with a Sharpie. This Fall, I hated to take down the vines and so I added even more vines and replaced the Spring bits with pinecones, leaves and gourds.  My father in law … [Read more...]