Milk Paint: Dandelion Chest

I promised I would catch you up so I'll start back in the Spring with this antique chest I transformed using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.   I used Mustard Seed Yellow and added some Ironstone to make it a bit softer. I used Ironstone to hand paint the dandelion stencil...just free hand! It started out looking … [Read more...]

Haven Break- French Salade Nicoise

I am leaving for Haven this morning...picking up Kirby from Kirb Appeal along the way! I thought I'd share a couple older posts that fit the season! Some of you may not know that I took the dream of a lifetime trip a year ago in Paris!! It was somewhere I have wanted to go since I was a girl and it was just wonderful! Too short, … [Read more...]

Paint / Haven / Hydrangeas

As you can see from the title....this is a multi topic post today! OK...paint....specifically Powder River Paint. I've been using this paint for awhile now and showing you some of the pretty colors. Kay Mount, the designer/creator/genius behind this paint has recently updated the website and I wanted to share it with you. One of the … [Read more...]

Mid-Summer Gardening

I don't know about you but after that flush of gardening enthusiasm in mid summer.....I could care less...... It's HOT and then HOTTER. I take my 5 mile walk (just threw that in so you'd realize I'm not a total loss) at 6am and even then, I come back all "dewy" , if you know what I mean. Often, I will stop and yank some weeds … [Read more...]

French Style Re-Purposed Bicycle Basket

I've found a few wicker bicycle baskets at the thrift store. I knew they would lend themselves very well to being re-purposed as a vintage looking wall or door basket. Here is one I made a couple months ago. It's been hanging around waiting for some dried hydrangeas and it's finally the right time for those! It's been very rainy here and the … [Read more...]

How To: Make A Custom Beach Bag Organizer

I'm cheating a bit here and using a post from last summer.....hope you like it! Beach time is super important here in a resort town. My girlfriends and I send many emails back and forth trying to arrange the perfect day for the beach. This year it is Wednesday.  It's a standing time and day....all are welcome and each of us has taken … [Read more...]

A Plum Of A Post

Are you a reader? I mean a READER? Someone who can leave the library with 6 books, confident that they will be read and returned on time......? THAT kind of reader? I sure am. Before blogging and before kids, I could devour a couple books a week....easy. Now? Not so much. But, when summer comes and I head to the beach with he two remaining … [Read more...]

How To: Planting Windowboxes Without Going Broke

I love window boxes...and picket fences....and big front porches...and porch swings....and....trellises with flowers.....and paths....and porch furniture.... I just need a garden service to keep all those things as pretty as they should be....BUT...last time I checked (which would actually be never) a gardener and or gardening service … [Read more...]