Fall Decor in the Foyer

Last Saturday we had some company for dinner. My brother, sister-in-law and her Mum, who was visiting from the UK. I cleaned off the dining room table in honor of them.......and I've kept it clean because for the next two weekends we will be having company. All I need is a reason and I can be just as dedicated as all the Suzy Homemakers … [Read more...]

Home Tour (Gisele and Tom)

Notice how I used Gisele and Tom in the title? Like they are friends of mine or something? I guess when you're VERY rich and VERY famous, you sort of have that problem.... Crowds gather and people yell, "Gisele! Gisele" and "Tom!! Tom!!" I'm sure you rarely hear "Mr. Brady!! Mrs. Brady....or Mr. Bundchen!! " Do you think they become … [Read more...]

Fall Decorating (or Not)

I need to make a serious disclaimer here... This post is NOT about Fall decorating....it's NOT... I have some very dear friends out there in Bloglandia and they mean the world to me. I worry about them. About their projects.. About their families... About their blogs.... About their health.....especially their mental … [Read more...]

Open Doors And Windows

What gorgeous weather we had over the weekend! And it's supposed to continue all week!!! A perfect end of the summer! We plan to hit the waterpark and the beach as much as possible this week. I am a HUGE fan of Fall....it's is my favorite season. Nothing is better than warm sunny days ending in just a hint of coolness. I love to open my … [Read more...]

A Romantic Goes To Haven 2013

Are you sick of Haven pictures? I hope not because you're going to see a few here. But my REAL story here is about a writer.... A writer who likes to present the front of a no-nonsense, straightforward, strait-talkin' toughie........ However, I have uncovered her secret.....did you know that writers are secret romantics......? From … [Read more...]

Paint / Haven / Hydrangeas

As you can see from the title....this is a multi topic post today! OK...paint....specifically Powder River Paint. I've been using this paint for awhile now and showing you some of the pretty colors. Kay Mount, the designer/creator/genius behind this paint has recently updated the website and I wanted to share it with you. One of the … [Read more...]

Mid-Summer Gardening

I don't know about you but after that flush of gardening enthusiasm in Spring....by mid summer.....I could care less...... It's HOT and then HOTTER. I take my 5 mile walk (just threw that in so you'd realize I'm not a total loss) at 6am and even then, I come back all "dewy" , if you know what I mean. Often, I will stop and yank some weeds … [Read more...]

French Style Re-Purposed Bicycle Basket

I've found a few wicker bicycle baskets at the thrift store. I knew they would lend themselves very well to being re-purposed as a vintage looking wall or door basket. Here is one I made a couple months ago. It's been hanging around waiting for some dried hydrangeas and it's finally the right time for those! It's been very rainy here and the … [Read more...]