15 Minute Fall Decorating

I (used to) love spending hours decorating my house for different seasons. I have a pile of stuff that I have accumulated over the years to draw from. Unfortunately the changes we have had to make here have sent all my stuff out of my nice walk in attic (SO easy to grab a few things quickly) to another attic only accessible by a drop down staircase in my closet. As a result, I am behind ALL the time with seasonal decorating. Consequently, I have developed a rapid decorating method which just scatters a few seasonal things areound and makes me feel better. Who knows, maybe this is God’s plan to make me simplify…but I do really miss how pretty my house was before. Anyway…that’s what we’re up to today. Fifteen minutes of changes……

I have a buffet in my back hallway which is usually a repository for shopping bags and other stuff. But today, with a white metal tray, an ironstone bowl, a plant, some chunky potpourri and fake fruit…we have TAH-DAH:

Next item. I have this wire cage thing. I don’t know what it was for originally, I have had it for years. I think it came from my in-laws house but I can’t even remember now. It has been turned upside down with a wrought iron filigree thing as a top, I’ve turned it upside down over something else for decoration and now it is sitting on a table with a silver tray in the bottom and pillar candles inside…..

I had a bunch of pillars inside there but already removed some for the update. And with the addition of some more chunky potpourri…….TAH-DAH….
By the way…that tablecloth is a small drop cloth from Home Depot that looks like linen more than canvas….Now it has a plastic backing so it’s not really versatile but it drapes fine and it was about $7….just so you know…..
Here’s a closeup…..
Next spot to work on….the kitchen windowsill….I have this rusty white urn that is out all year. It gets a big conch shell in it during the summer and usually has a pumpkin sitting in it during Fall. Now it has this spiky thing in it…..I found a big bag of them at the thrift store for about $3. I have gumballs in the backyard but these are BIG…like a softball size….I have no idea what they are but I liked them and I LOVED the price. So…..
Another windowsill in the kitchen……more spiky balls. I should have used that as the title…although I may have been banned from Blogger!
Next spot….the front porch. Now this needs a LOT MORE decorating but we’re talking 15 minutes here so I’ll show you what I did anyway….it’s very little….
I have this big black box which was a tool box of some sort but I found it in a shop and knew it would be useful for pictures and decorating. All I have done so far is drop potted plants in it and that’s exactly what I did…….
OK, last one. Remember the bag of spiky balls? I dumped the rest in this big glass vase….easy….
Alright….done decorating for today. Still need to get up in the attic and get the stuff for the front porch…maybe this weekend. I’ll show you what I get done.Fall is one of the easiest times to decorate because stuff falling off trees in your backyard is usable! Branches that need pruning, leaves, gumballs, pinecones…use it! 15 minutes….you can do this!
Time for more furniture work…….


  1. I love it all ..your house always looks so pretty..mess or no mess !
    You gave me an idea for my tables..I am going to buy the drop cloths to use for my show.. 🙂

  2. Love the ideas! I need some of those spikey balls!

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