Fall Porch Sale

Continuing my posts leading up to my 2011 Fall Porch Sale…
Goodness….it’s 8:30 pm and I am just posting! I put in a 13 hour day today…painting a china cabinet and a tall five drawer chest, making another paper cone wreath, making 40 paper flowers for a wall hanging, glazing the spool bed and glazing the china cabinet.
One run to Home Depot, one child pick-up, one dinner made, one blog post and one FB update. Golly gee whiz!! I’m about done in…..I still have about four things I’d like to do tonight but I think I’ll just have to work harder tomorrow!! Here are a couple pics of what I’ve worked on….be nice, they’re not quite finished….

I’m too tired to edit tonight so you get the raw version. This is a burlap table topper I stenciled. Today I added a crown above the writing…sorry no pic.
I’m attaching the burlap around the edge of the table with upholstery tacks.
Like this. Ran out of tacks today…have to go get some tomorrow…
Here’s what it looked like before I started.
I decided to top the chest with this heavy wrapping paper that has French letters printed on it. I bought it from Ballard Designs last year and have used it to line some drawers as well as top a desk previously. It is so pretty and goes very well with ASCP Old White.
Sorry…remember I told you I was too tired to edit! But I opened the bottom drawer and it says ‘Mademoiselle”….I HAD to use the french letter paper then….
OK…off to rest……


  1. Everything looks great! Did you stencil the topper or transfer the design? Looks wonderful!

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  3. The top is stenciled right on the burlap…very easy. I am planning a tutorial soon…I hope!

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