Paper Cone Wreaths

Today I am busy filling a couple orders for customers and wanted to share them with you.
These paper cone wreaths have been very popular at the local shop I stock!
It’s a nice change from the repetitive Christmas and Hanukkah wreaths when I get a custom order.
 First is a paper wreath for a child’s room. I love this idea for a vintage baby room!
The customer wanted Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as the music. 
 I found the music and then had to create aged paper to print it on.
 She also didn’t want a glittered center like the display wreath 
so I changed that to complement the wreath.



I decided to make a tattered linen rosette instead. It really blends well with the aged look of the paper.


The second custom order used French music but not Christmas. 
No glittered center desired either. 
Without the glittered center, it seems to work better for year round use. I have a wreath made from vintage encyclopedia pages and I leave it up all year!
I made another tattered linen rosette 
but added some black grosgrain ribbon 
to complement the more black and white look of the wreath.



They came out quite nicely. 
My back aches and my fingers are burnt!
I’ll deliver them to the shop later today.
Now it’s off to the Post Office to mail off some vintage finds that sold on Etsy. 
Still no Christmas decorating done…….(cue screaming woman sound)
Tomorrow is only the 30th…..I still have time!!


  1. Very nice. Love the various textures.

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