12 Days Til Christmas….

OK, after you read the title….
you need to take a cleansing breath….
that’s it….
now roll your neck around a few times….
shake those arms…..
And now…… jump up and get back to it!! 
This guy is hanging on the front porch.
That’s why I go through the garage….
too much pressure…..
Today I have a rare day with no appointments for the kids or myself
so, although I could sit here all day and
look at Pinterest
make some crafty thing
watch a Christmas movie
do more decorating
or even, sleep (sigh)
I am putting away all the Christmas boxes
sweeping up glitter
and making myself STOP decorating
So, today you get all the pics I have been taking over the past few days
I was lucky to find this mirror at a thrift shop last month
Now it’s in the dining room with a simple wreath
The foyer bench with my antique books
My kitchen tree. Bought several years ago at a craft fair.
The boot is an antique and belonged to my grandmother. 
The only family decoration I have.
I don’t use much red, but my mother-in-law embroidered this
red cloth under the kitchen tree and it is a special gift
I always try and put this vintage couple somewhere where they
can have privacy….it came from my husband’s grandmother
and is very precious to me
My sweet rusty angel is wrapped in my Believe paper ribbon.
I created this box many years ago. The candle makes a nice glow
on the front porch
You can’t have Christmas without
Candy Canes!!
I have boxes to put away…..
and a nice cup of tea is calling my name….
Until next time……..


  1. Good for you. Sometimes you just have to stop, and get things in check. Your decorations are very festive and charming. Love the boot, and your unique touches. BTW, my silver and white tree now has candy canes on it. lol

  2. I forgot you had the same countdown sign as me! I love mine! Everything looks great and I love the boot and kissing couple….good memories tied to those!

  3. Love your paper wreaths!

  4. So cute…making me panic a little too!!

  5. Love all your vintage decorations! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
    btw, I ‘loved’ the end sentence in your “about you”…. I too will open an eye and tell Dan to move that lamp a little to the left!!! too funny.


    p.s. thank you so much for leaving your “calling card”!

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