Christmas Recovery

It’s over!!
I’m finally raising my head up again after the holiday….whew! 
We have 13 people here for 13 days and it’s quite fun but quite tiring. 
We had our caroling party on the 22nd 


We had music (which went unused…THIS group was no Mormon Tabernacle Choir ). The whole bunch was unruly…stockings full of coal were well deserved…but Santa is a pushover apparently.
And bells (which were used PLENTY….I’m still hearing the ringing in my head)
 I took very few pictures because it was dark and completely chaotic!
 It was like herding cats into a barrel. 
The kids ran ahead to houses with me close behind yelling
 “Don’t ring the doorbell, don’t ring the doorbell….wait, wait”. 
At the same time, the adults were drifting along with drinks in hand, chatting and laughing in small groups all over the street. 
Eventually we would gather, the kids would ring the bell and then we’d sing. 
This scenario went on for the whole street…about 8 – 10 houses…
I lost count in my hoarse, dazed condition…
Finally, it was over and we went back to the house to enjoy drinks and food. 
THAT was fun…
Look at the cute penguin idea I found on Lemonade Makin Mama
They were a big hit
On the 23rd, we had church service and a children’s program. 
We attend a non-denominational ‘plant’ church and meet in a local high school
It’s very edgy and rock and roll and full of dedicated (mostly) 30 somethings
In order to meet, we have to have a custodian who is willing to be there 
during the time we are in the school
no custodian wanted to be there on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 
(and we didn’t want to even ask them to)
therefore, service on the 23rd.
Christmas Eve was full of last minute wrapping 
and finishing up the little kitchen set I painted for my grandson
He loved it!!
I painted it turquoise with red tops and yellow handles
very retro
We had 15 opening gifts that morning! Busy!
Then I did some prepping for dinner later on…
chopping green onions
red and green pepper
I made a hot dip and two cheese balls for appetizers at 4pm. 
While everyone was noshing, I worked on finishing the dinner prep
My husband is great at parties and works to keep the kitchen cleaned up
while I am chopping and sauteing…
We had:
turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, baked yams, dressing (or stuffing), 
roasted brussel sprouts, gingered parsnips and carrots
green bean casserole, two kinds of cranberry sauce,
rolls, coconut custard pie, pumpkin pie,
pineapple cheese pie (an old family favorite), and my traditional English trifle (lots of sherry…by then, I need it)
I don’t do it all….everyone brings a dish
There were 30 for dinner…..oh my…
I always look at all the pretty table settings everyone posts and think….
how nice, all sitting down for dinner…
But I wouldn’t give up the big family for anything. 
It’s crazy
and noisy
and tiring
and not very pretty
But it’s also full of
happy laughter
joke telling
kids squealing
old and young sitting together
and lots of hugs
Hope you had a wonderful holiday
Now I have to get ready for our annual 
New Year’s Day Open House
oh my…..
more of the same…
I have some sort of sick, entertaining disease……


  1. Wow,just reading all that you accomplished wore me out! Family is the best. You did a fantastic job on your Grandsons kitchen set! Those penguins are the cutest thing I have ever seen!I hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration.

  2. I am a new follower to your blog…love it and the dip sounds great…love your pictures…I will be back again…phyllis…cute hubby

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