Red At Christmas?

Sometimes I write these posts and don’t even realize what I’m doing I think! 
On a recent post I made the statement
 “I really don’t use much red (referring to decorations at Christmas) 
and then proceeded to post pictures 
which had red in EVERY SINGLE ONE!! 
Too funny!
I had taken a lot of photos of my vintage things 
and red and green were very popular in the 50’s for Christmas…..
at least for the folks I inherited them from. 
So, as Christmas is drawing near,
 I thought I’d share a bit of my “other” decorations…..


See…lots of silver and white….I promise…
My daughter and her family…6 in all….
are on their way from SC as I write this 
so there’s no telling if I’ll write again for the next 13 days. 
This could be the last you hear from me for awhile! LOL
We’ll have quite a houseful for the holiday…..
4 adults…
9 kids….
one cat (we never see her…she’s the smartest in the bunch!). 
Caroling party is scheduled for tomorrow evening 
 we’ll see how that goes.
 I’ll take pictures and maybe will have time to post those, 
even if I can’t write much!
My mantel. 
I have about 5-6 of these alabaster doves
I keep finding them in thrift stores and adding them
to the two I already had from family.
I use them all year
A full view of the mantel.
I hate those two ceiling lights in there 
but couldn’t find a good angle to get rid of them
Just squint your eyes and pretend they’re not there.
I haven’t learned how to remove bits from pictures
maybe someday…


This is a bit better, but still very busy in the background
Ah well…..
More little birds


I love this big star finished with German glass glitter. 
I bought it after Christmas one year
It’s hanging on the door of the secretary in the foyer
here’s a pic of the secretary in full and then one with the pink tree I made

I collect silver trays and use them all the time
They are so reflective…see the reflection of the tree? So pretty…

Next to the secretary my cast iron deer has a collar…
he was $5 because his ear was broken
I took him in…..I seem to have a tendency to do that
with broken things (and people)


The other side of the foyer

The dining room sideboard
I also collect silver urns and ice buckets…great to put things into
like champagne…
which we drink ALL the time here of course


I hung more sparkly snowflakes 
(from Dollar Tree) 
on the living room chandelier

OK…enough for today. Just had a call from my daughter. 
They’ll be here in about 3 hrs.
Time for my last quiet cuppa……


  1. Your mantel is beautiful, and I love the chandie. I have two alabaster birds just like that. I have several shots of them on my blog.

  2. your mantel is fabulous and your decorations are wonderful!!!! i hear you about writing — i do the same thing : ) LOL!!! makes us totally human right! thanks for dropping by the cottage market and i do think i will keep him around for a bit longer : ) LOL!!!! it is kind of crazy what he has been coming home with on saturdays — he hits it right when someone brings things in — that never happens to me! i am THRILLED!!! : ) sending holiday hugs!!!!

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