Sprucing Up The Studio

I don’t know about you but I have had one busy week!
I have several projects in varying stages of completion but none ready for showing!
Over the past few weeks I have rearranged my studio to better fit my work habits.
What kind of creative spirit are you?
I have a need for order to a degree or I don’t accomplish much.
But, I also am very inspired by having some visual stimulation.
So, I seem to be constantly tweaking the set up in here.
Receiving my new computer for Christmas prompted the need for a different desk space.
So a table that I had painted to use in my laundry room
came downstairs as a new desk.
It matched the walls already so I didn’t need to change anything!
I originally found it at a yard sale for $5. It was a light maple color. 
I sanded it lightly and painted it black. I knew the color I wanted….that pretty bluey greeny color.
 I have lots of leftover paint and knew I didn’t need too much 
so I mixed blue and green into some white until I had the shade I wanted. 
When it was all dry, I distressed it pretty heavily.
I really wanted that old farmhouse table effect.



 You can see how the black is peeking through. I prefer to sand by hand so I can control the distressing
 but you can use a palm or orbital sander too….just be careful!
I love painting furniture because you almost can’t do anything wrong.
Too much sanding? Just repeat the steps and do it again.
Wrong color? Paint over it!
I also chose certain areas of the table to do a crackle finish
And sanded the living daylights out of a few spots to make different marks
Varying the levels of distressing, adding some different effects (like crackle)
 and not always making horizontal or vertical distresses makes for more interest 
and gives the impression of an older, worn surface.
Always think of where the wearing would take place. 
Along a kitchen table for instance, it would be the center of each side,
 where people were always sitting.
The bottom of the legs will be banged up from feet bumping there. 
Don’t distress every corner exactly the same. 
In real life, there would be one or two corners where more wear occurred.
The center of a kitchen table might be worn
where the serving dished always were
or maybe a sugar and creamer sat.
 I also use tools to make scrapes and digs in furniture where it might have happened naturally.
I always spend a few minutes thinking about the piece I am getting
ready to paint and try to imagine how it might have been used.Putting the desk in front of the window unfortunately meant I
had to give up my nice comfy chair and move the larger pieces
to new places.
An antique roll top desk insert is full of great little drawers

And cubbies for fabrics


I used some vintage luggage 
and one of my Granny’s knitting bags for storage too.


Big glass jars hold trims and laces

Magazines are nearby


And a candle burning in a bowl of lavender scents the air

A nice end to a busy week!

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  1. Just love that color you painted your desk. Found you over at common ground, your newest follower

  2. Your studio looks wonderful. I love the table as a desk. Beautiful color. I really need to organize mine.

  3. I don’t have a good “work” area, unless you count the garage or the dining room table. I should have one. All you creative ladies have your own cute fun organized space. I’m envious.


  4. HOW GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing and remember on tuesday to hop over to my blog and join the impossibilities blog hop!!!! this is picture perfect!!!!! : ) sending hugs!

  5. looks great!(:

  6. Sweetpeaz says:

    Testing 1,2,3… I think I’ve finally learned how to post!!!! Your studio looks awesome mom!!!

  7. Yay!! Nice to have you in the loop!

  8. Mom it looks wonderful! The banner above your window matches everything perfect. I love the simplicity of the desk. This coming from someone using a folding round table 2′ wide, I’m envious! Make me want to push ahead! You should host a blog party where everyone shares their favorite storage idea for their studios and craft spaces.

  9. EEEKKKS I want you studio!!! I love that desk and the great finish you have on it and those file drawers……I don’t know what it is about little drawers but I love them!

  10. Please come over and fix up my space!

  11. I love the table as a desk. Beautiful color!


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