French China Cabinet

I refinished this petite French style china cabinet for my last Porch Sale in October. 
The interior and the door inserts are ASCP Old White and the body is ASCP Paris Gray.
They were finished with clear wax. I didn’t distress them too much because it seemed my clients preferred a more fresh look based on the response from my previous sale.
It didn’t sell. 
I also had a pair of French farmhouse chairs. 
They didn’t sell either. 
I put them all on Craigslist….no sale. They’ve been sitting here all this time. 
Meanwhile, I bought my first can of AS Dark Wax. 
I used it on a couple things and liked the result. 
So, I decided it was time to revamp this china cabinet and the matching chairs and try again. Like most of you, I imagine, I have not been fortunate enough to take a class in using the AS products so I have just stumbled along relying on my own experience with furniture and redesign. 
I learned that using a damp rag worked well for blending the wax and that I need to work VERY quickly. I do apply it with a brush ever since I went to dinner one evening with brown cuticles……embarrassing! Now and again, the underlying paint acts up and I can’t blend smoothly. 
Here’s the first door…..not good. 

Too much blotchy darkness for me. It doesn’t look authentically aged.
So, I went ahead and finished the chairs because I thought I would be repainting the doors and starting over and I was frustrated and wanted to finish something.
They came out very well.
I had previously made some simple linen cushions for the back and they looked even better now that the chairs were more distressed.
I edged the cushion in a red feather stitch and stamped a number inside a circle as well.
 I turned my attention back to the hutch and decided to try and save the doors if possible rather than re-painting. I couldn’t do any more harm so why not?
I started sanding the too blotchy areas and found that the result was very pleasing.
So, another lesson learned about using these products!
Here’s the door after sanding and some clear wax…..
Just fine….
Here is everything……
They go so well together don’t you think?
Adding the dark wax really made a difference…it came alive…
Hopefully they will sell now so I’ll take them down to Chartreuse this weekend 
and give it a try!


  1. WOW. I would so buy those pieces! They really look frenchy now, great job Miss!!

  2. Hi Miss L. I do like them better now. I have been able to successfully remove “overdarked” areas by applying clear wax and wiping off. Also I often mix 1 part dark wax with 3-4 parts clear wax and use it that way. I believe I read somewhere that Annie recommends using paint thinner(?)over the wax to bring it down as well. I haven’t tried this though. I’m not a blue person but there are a million of them out there – surely someone will buy!

  3. These are beautiful and I love the chair cushions you made, too.
    Red feather stitching- brilliant!
    I’m a new follower~

  4. GORGEOUS!!! Love the finishes, and the chair cushions.

  5. They were pretty before, but I like them better now that you’ve aged them a bit. They are beautiful pieces and should sell quickly. The cabinet would be a great place to display collections.

  6. oh lorraine that cabinet is amazing! i love the door details!

  7. I think they both look wonderful now! We have never used AS products, but Dan finds that warming his regular wax helps the application. He also sometimes “takes off” too much wax by using XXXX steel wool instead of sanding. Just some different techniques to try! I’m sure they’ll sell quickly now.

  8. I really like them with the dark wax – I’m sure they’ll sell, they’re such gorgeous pieces.
    I’ve used white spirit on a cloth to take off patchy dark wax, and it seems to work.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  9. Btw, love the way you do your photos.

  10. I liked them before, but I do like the look adding the dark wax created. I have yet to perfect using the dark wax on stuff – trial and error and hope it comes out!


  11. i love how your cabinet turned out…beautiful! good job sticking with it and trying out something new. i have not tried AS paint or wax yet but would like to. it’s good to hear how and what works for other peolpe. visiting from the cowgirl-up party. have a great week.

  12. OOO aaaahhh! Love it! Such a difference!

  13. Love the way these turned out! And the way you have them staged is beautiful!

  14. Just beautiful lady and loving your Ballard Rug!

  15. Oh, they’re gorgeous together! Can’t imagine them not selling — wonderful job. 🙂

  16. Your china cabinet and chairs look great with the dark wax.
    Mary Alice

  17. Beautiful. I love that combination!

  18. Love, love love..this is my favorite AS color combo! Great job! I found that applying the clear wax first or paste wax and then the dark makes for an easier to blend surface! Looks like you got the hang of it thought. Following you now and can’t wait to see more! Be sure to hop on over and visit me and follow too if you like!


  19. The redo looks great and I haven’t taken any classes either. Just started doing it.

  20. Oh my this is lovely!

    Happy day, happy spring, happy happy everything!

  21. Love your cabinet, I paint furniture too and I love to two tone things! You did an awesome job thanks for sharing pics.

  22. THey look great! I bet they will sell in no time! We really appreciate you sharing this at our link party this week! We can’t wait to see what you are up to next week!

    Take care,


  23. I’m featuring you tonight on the Cowgirl Up! linky party! Make sure to come check it out and grab a featured button!

  24. Love the finish! I just took a class and I’m so excited to get to work on a few projects. The paint and waxes are so versatile! New follower…:)

  25. Love the finish! It’s gorgeous. I’m trying to inject more French into my decor but I’m design challenged so I guess you could say I have a bit of this and a bit of that (eclectic)

    I love your about you page!

  26. Beautiful job – I’m so nervous when using the dark wax!!!

  27. seriously lovin it.

    hope you’ll stop by my blog where i’m hosting a great giveaway:




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