Spring Garden

It really poured here last night! I mean buckets for an hour or so. The good thing for all the allergy sufferers is that the creek is yellow with pollen this morning so most of the trees had a good washing and maybe the pollen count will go down! I have two kids that really suffer from it and they have been coughing and sneezing for a couple weeks already. Way earlier than normal.
I had planned to work in the garden a bit today but it’s pretty soggy out there which makes it hard to weed. Maybe later….
I did go out early and snap some pics of things that are blooming or budding.
I picked up some phlox the other day and will plant that today.
I love phlox and planted some when we first moved in but it didn’t make it….so another try!

I also had planted a fuschia or bleeding heart (as it’s sometimes called) and that died….
so another try on that too!
It’s so sweet how the little hearts dangle off the stems.
 I have to find the right shady spot that isn’t too wet. I think that’s what happened last time.
This is lambs ear. It’s a nice ground cover and does well with the high level of sun in 
this garden. 
Kids (and adults) love to touch the leaves because they’re so soft.
You can almost see the soft fuzziness in the picture!
I planted some creeping charlie as a ground cover but it’s gone crazy! 
It pulls out easily so I can keep some of the plants from getting covered up and stunted 
but I’m reconsidering if it is the right choice.
I do love the chartreuse color and it does a good job of reducing the weeds.
Here are some coral bells I need to rescue from charlie!
The azaleas are full of buds too.
I like this Formosa type because it gets those big hibiscus type blooms.
They also grow much quicker and the flowers fall off the branches rather than hang there and turn brown like the smaller type azalea. The smaller azalea also need about 20 years to get large and that frustrates me! So, I always go for this Formosa type.
This is a mock orange that I got from my MIL before they moved from NJ. 
It’s only just leafing out now but when it blooms with those small white blossoms that look just like those on an orange tree, it smells SO heavenly!
The rosemary has been blooming but it’s almost over. The bees love the flowers.
Remember, I cut buckets full of it for the St Patricks Day table?
It’s still doing well and so is that moss I dug up in the back. I am just misting it with water every couple days. The darkness in the dining room suits it well!

I have this scilla in the front garden that I don’t remember planting but 
I love them so maybe I did!

When things get really going, I’ll have to take a pic of this front garden…it’s really pretty.
And now, we added this birdhouse my husband built so I want to grow something up the pole or hang baskets from the pole…..haven’t decided yet….maybe both!


Hope you have a lovely day….
are you gardening today?
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  1. We haven’t had any rain ..yet
    but its coming .
    So nice that you are getting the garden ready for my visit 🙂
    You know I miss mine ..so I will enjoy visiting yours real soon ..

  2. I have a mock orange that’s probably 90 years old and as big as our house. I open up all the windows when it’s in bloom so I can enjoy the fragrance. Love it! Have you seen the new chartreuse bleeding heart? They show up even better in the shade garden.

    Your birdhouse is wonderful just as it is! Lucky you.

  3. Oh my gosh…I was so enjoying all your pics and when I got to the end my mouth dropped open. I totally LOVE your birdhouse. I’ve wanted one of those for years. Definitely pinning that pic!

  4. Look at all that color! Our grass is very green since we had rain instead of snow in March, and it is 75 today. This weather is crazy here but we love it!


  5. Your garden is beautiful. Enjoying the pics of all your recent plantings.
    Mary Alice

  6. I need to go and work in the garden! I love all of your beautiful flowers!


  7. Your garden is so wonderful. You have inspired me to get up nice and early tomorrow and get to planting. Thank you for this wonderful post! I would love it if you would share this at our WIW blog party. Hope to see you there.


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