Hot Fun In The Summertime Party Picks!!

Well let me tell you that we girls had a REALLY HOT time hosting these parties in July!!
Lots of fantastically amazing wonderful creative people are out there
EVERYWHERE and they don’t let the heat of Summertime stop them either!
All the other gals were telling me how hard it was to choose each week and no I get a chance to experience that!
And….it WAS hard
but here we go………

The MOST ADORABLE little bench in the world was created by:

Deb at:
A Honey Bee Bench!
Not that I’m CRAZY about bees or anything!
I mean…how can you go wrong with black and yellow?
and bees of course
You know I sew….a lot….
Breida…. who was trying her hand a sewing for the first time 
went right to my heart!
And look what she did!
Made the CUTEST baby quilt!
Yay to Breida with a B
Sew Breida…Sew….
I have kids at home as you know…but they’re older 
so Lina’s project is absolutely NOTHING that I need.
BUT, I taught pre-school and I can tell you with certainty that it’s 
SHUT UP!! If you have a box of crayons 
and just CANNOT think what to do with them
I have two words…
Last but certainly not least is
My Passion For Decor
Melody did the most wonderful job refinishing this chest…
But the color choice is what grabbed my eye!
What a great shade of BLUE!!
She’s spot on with the new trend of leaving
some of the wood showing too!
Just gorgeous!
I have to rest!
If you were featured make sure you grab a
button from the sidebar!!



  1. Fabulous choices. These were some of my favorites. too.

  2. That stool is adorable. I’ve used that graphic before and love it – but it is so much better looking on that stool than what I used it for. Great pick! Have a wonderful day!

  3. I WANT that bee stool. And, the blue chest!!! Oh my, be still my heart! Sorry I missed the party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:( Pinky

  4. Lovely picks Miss F. Each one a winner, just like all the entries.


  5. Hi! I am a new follower – your blog is lovely! Hope you will come on over and see me,
    Peggy @ The Painted Pear

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