Shabby Pink Tree Tutorial

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I’m cheating a bit here because I made this Shabby Pink Tree tree last year. 
But, it’s SO cute and I’ve sold them all so I had to use this old post. Enjoy!
(excuse the pictures…didn’t have a nice camera at the time)

Super easy, cheap and took about 45 minutes! 
Here’s what it looks like


Isn’t it sweet?

Here are the supplies you’ll need:
sewing machine, set on basting stitch
roll of crepe paper streamer (I used pale pink)
small piece of cardboard
cardboard cone (homemade or store bought)
hot glue gun
small decorative berries or balls
a bit of tinsel
a silver glitter star or other item for the top
candlestick if desired (it can sit on the table too)
OK, first begin gathering one edge of the crepe paper.
 I just start the machine at a steady pace 
and begin pushing the crepe paper under the presser foot,
 making little pleats or gathers. 
Gather it up nicely, it looks good when it’s nice and full.
When you have it all gathered, collect all your supplies and find a workspace.
I had these cones already 

They are 10 1/2 in long
When I started making my shabby cones to sell,
 I wanted them much larger so I began making them myself from heavy paper
 and never used the cones. 
Here’s one of the shabby cones I do
They’re about 17 in long and I’ve never found pre-made cones that big
So, looking through boxes for Christmas decorations I found the old cones 
I had already and knew what I wanted to do with them right away.
Cut a cardboard circle slightly larger than the base of your cone 
and glue it to the bottom of the cone
If you don’t want to put your tree on a candlestick, you can skip this step.
Now, elevate the cone on something to make it easier to work on and
begin attaching the crepe paper ruffle using the glue gun 
starting about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the cone. 
It needs to overlap the cardboard circle and cover it well.
This is about three or four circles around. 
Just keep going about 1/2 inch above each layer until you reach the top.
As you get close to the top, 
depending on how tightly gathered you have your paper,
 you may need to add some pleats so you still have some ruffling going on.
Cut the paper off when you’ve gone far enough and attach it nicely, 
folding in the raw edge if it’s not nice and straight.
I had bought these berries last week with the plan to use them on this tree
Cut off the berries
Begin gluing them on the tree UNDER the ruffle slightly
When you’ve done all you want, it’s time to do the top.
I had this vintage looking tinsel already
I know it looks black but it’s silver. 
You need something like this to cover the point of the tree which doesn’t look nice.
 You could make a small ruffle of the crepe paper too.
So I put the circle of tinsel on and then added a glittered star
Finally, I glued the whole tree to a silver candlestick
All done

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See you at the party!!!
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  1. pretty! xo Kristin

  2. Very nice!

  3. That is very, very sweet. I love it- xo Diana

  4. Ohhhh look at Miss F. getting her crafty on!


  5. So pretty, Lorraine! x

  6. Super cute, Lorraine. I like the idea of the candlestick as a base.

  7. Very soft and pretty.

  8. It’s beautiful, Lorraine! I’d love to do one of these if I could make some room in my craft/sewing room. I’d love to be able to add some seasonal decor in there, but it’s such a small room.

  9. What are pretty little tree ~ I love the little sparkly ornaments!

  10. This is so cute! love it on the candle stick. it looks so prissy! I’m so sorry I missed your recipe party. I think I missed it because of all my trauma the Saturday after Thanksgiving that I wrote you about. I came by your site today to check on the dates and boy was I surprised! I’m sure you did fine without me. I did make some good recipes for Thanksgiving though!

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