A Romantic Goes To Haven 2013

Are you sick of Haven pictures? I hope not because you’re going to see a few here.

But my REAL story here is about a writer….

A writer who likes to present the front of a no-nonsense, straightforward, strait-talkin’ toughie……..

However, I have uncovered her secret…..did you know that writers are secret romantics……?

From short story writers to novelists to screenwriters……unless they are writers for tool catalogs or industrial journals…..good writers are really romantics…..

How else could they delve into personalities the way they do? Exposing thoughts and ideas that make us say “how did they know that about me?”

How else could they see beauty in the ordinary or the small and seemingly insignificant?


On the way to Haven, I stopped at a friend’s house.

A friend I only knew online. Never heard her voice, never knew if she was tall or short, never knew if we had anything in common except for blogging and a love for books and writing…I am not a writer which is easily revealed by this post of sentence fragments…….(hiya Kirby)….

Maybe I should have known….that she was a romantic at heart…….


That her house would be a lovely assemblage that revealed a love of collecting and saving and rescuing the things of value that perhaps others couldn’t see……


But I didn’t….I was surprised first by the vintage chandelier hanging from a 20+ foot ceiling……..

By her lovely vintage furniture…handed down from family to be used and loved all over again…..


By her use of color and scale….


This vintage cottage wasn’t built by Kirby and her husband….but they were the right people to buy it……

To love this sunken, flagged garden….


To appreciate the gorgeousness of this garden house….


To embrace this overgrown but oh, so romantic garden…….


To be willing to take on this project….because it was just too good to ignore…..and too good not to be loved…..


There is years of work here…….they know that……but when you love something…..well, you just can’t help yourself!


So…in between breaks for wine in front of the fireplace……


She keeps on painting furniture……


Creating, arranging……..


And enjoying the beauty and history and stories they have inherited or found…….


They treasure the past because it has something to do with the present…it always does….



That night….I slept under this chicken picture…..

bought for a romantic…by a romantic……

I couldn’t slip it into my suitcase…it was just too long………


The next day we headed to Atlanta and spent five hours blabbing about blogging…what else?!

Once there…we met more friends…..

Let me introduce you………


I was the only one with arms long enough to take this lovely shot….Kirby has the cutest nose….I think I want a nose job………


karen new

Karen@ Somewhat Quirky

deneen new


We interspersed talking and laughing with eating…..of course….


Ballard Designs had a lounge area for the weary…..you can play “guess the blogger”…..


It was over too soon…..sigh…..

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  1. Love Kirby’s home. Fits her! I had fun at Haven roomie! It was so good to hang out with all of you. Making friendships is the best thing. That picture of me is real bad. Ugh! Hate taking pictures!! lol Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. What a fun post to read and such lovely pics too! Kirby’s home is as lovely as I imagined it to be!
    Danni@SiloHillFarm recently posted…STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENINGMy Profile

  3. A beautiful post written by one writer about another writer. Kirby’s house is my kind of house. Love it! Deneen, I though I had made Lorraine delete that picture of me….
    karen@somewhatquirky recently posted…Screen Door – Ashville, NCMy Profile

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. This is so nice, Lorraine! It really is wonderful. I’m glad we’re not the only ones who see the “what might be” in this house! You are so sweet to write about it.
    kirby carespodi recently posted…Bathroom Remodel ( ie.The Saga of the World’s Smallest Bathroom, a Rerun)My Profile

  5. Kirby has a beautiful home and lovely garden too! What fun!

  6. Who says you’re not writer? I thought that was lovely. You have a beautiful perspective on things, Lorraine. What a wonderful quality!

  7. What a great post, Lo! I feel like I got to go to Kirby’s house, too.
    Sunken garden envy here!
    Tina recently posted…Laughin’ and a runnin’, hey hey…My Profile

  8. I missed meeting all of you. I’m glad you had such a great time. Thanks for sharing Kirby’s sunken garden. What a hidden treasure.
    Little Miss Maggie recently posted…Better Than a Bread BoxMy Profile

  9. What a very fun post. I enjoyed it very much and that chicken picture is too cute. Glad you had a great time. I never tire of hearing about Haven. Someday I hope to attend.

    Cynthia recently posted…For the Love of a PillowMy Profile

  10. You maybe could of taken the chicken print out of the frame and rolled it up.
    Biss recently posted…Duluth, North Shore of Lake SuperiorMy Profile

  11. Kirby is quite the gal and so are you….I have met Kirby in the past a few times and it was great to finally meet you!!!…Love seeing pics of Kirby’s beautiful home….and yes, she is quite the writer!..
    Shirley@Housepitality Designs recently posted…Changes About the House with Pottery BarnMy Profile

  12. I loved seeing Kirby’s home to and hearing more about your adventure getting to Haven. So wonderful to meet you (in person) Lorraine! I loved it! x
    Danielle recently posted…Silver Pennies Sundays Link Party and Features (30)My Profile

  13. First of all – Wow Kirby’s home is gorgeous – I’ve been drooling over that garden house for a long long time now –
    Second of all – you are most definitely a writer Lorraine – what a beautiful post this was!!!
    Thirdly – I want a nose job too – and I hate people with cute little noses – sorry Kirby!!!!
    Suzan recently posted…How to get rid of unwanted pests……………..My Profile

  14. Hey there! Thanks for your coming to visit delusions and deciding to stay awhile! I’ve been stalking you for awhile actually…I have extreme hydrangea envy. =D That’s so cool that you got to stop by and meet Kirby and take pics of her beautiful home. I’ll bet you ladies had a blast! I couldn’t respond to you by e-mail as you show up as a no-reply blogger. 🙁 Perhaps you already knew that. But I’m sure glad you decided to visit today!

    Andi recently posted…celebrating adversityMy Profile

  15. It must have been a hoot doing a road trip with Kirby. Her sense of humor is delicious.
    Carol recently posted…Using Up CanvasMy Profile


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