Vintage China Cabinet

Well….this was not supposed to be what I was posting about today!

I have a great pumpkin recipe for you that I have been making every Halloween since 2008.

I edited the pictures, wrote out the recipe and sat down this morning to assemble everything….

When I discovered that none of my edited pictures had saved to my file….WHAT?

Weird….no problem, I sat down and did it all again….nothing….

I use an outside editing program called Pixlr, similar to Pic Monkey, Picasa, etc. I’ve been using it for over 2 years….never a problem.

I tried to save a couple pics from the web and….nothing…

Uh oh….for a computer dummy like me, this is an issue….

I emptied my cache….still no difference.

I have a Mac and have no idea what the problem is now, some setting I suppose. If you have a Mac OS and think you know something I could try…please feel free to email me….

So…what to do?

I browsed through my picture file to see if I had anything there that I could show you.

So, you get to see the  vintage china cabinet I bought in August. I was going to include it in a “before and after” post but I haven’t done anything with it yet so here it is…before….untouched….

vintage-china-hutch 3

It’s in excellent condition with pretty fretwork in the door. This fretwork cannot be removed so I have to consider what other areas I will leave unpainted as well so it looks well thought out.

vintage-china-hutch 4

I’m thinking I will do the heavier frame of the door and leave the thinner frame alone to highlight the fretwork.

The panels on either side of the door are also very pretty and there are similar panels on the bottom as well.

Now….what color……big decision. I know I want the inside to be light so the china will show up well.

vintage-china-hutch 2

I’m pretty set on using the MMS Ironstone inside. Cute as all those turquoise and blue and chevron painted interiors are…..I am not planning to fill it with just white china. Instead it will hold patterned china and I like to change that whenever I want to so I need a neutral. I have a lot of vintage ironstone so I could change my mind after some deep thought or if you persuade me I suppose!

Here is the full cabinet.


And that’s all I have…….thoughts?

I am off to try and see if I can save a picture from ANYWHERE…….or you won’t be hearing from me much anymore!


  1. This is such a beautiful piece and what you are talking about sounds so perfect. I can’t wait to see the transformation!!


  2. I love it, but now you have teased me with a pumpkin recipe so I hope you get the glitch fixed pronto. Wish I could help, best I can offer is download the program again.
    Bliss recently posted…Bathroom Redo Step #1 and Ugly Bathroom ContestMy Profile

  3. what a lovely piece….between you and me – I prefer these types of posts to recipe posts…sorry you had trouble with your photos, but so glad to see this instead!! LOL
    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG recently posted…HAPPY HALLOWEEN…Our Easy Pumpkin Decorating!My Profile

  4. Oh wow that is way above-average, particularly for a “mass made” piece. Looks to be from the ’20s or ’30s (?), in remarkable condition, and of high quality. It is mahogany, and those doors are of burl/crotch and curly mahogany -possibly African- which are highly prized grain patterns. Does it have issues that aren’t showing in the photo?

  5. Your cabinet is gorgeous and will look fabulous with the ideas you have for it. I have a cedar chest from Lane 1940’s in the same wood. I have not done anything with it. It was my moms and a piece I might leave alone!!
    Hope you get your computer glitch figured out.
    Have a great weekend.
    Celestina Marie recently posted…ReCreating with Lamp PartsMy Profile

  6. Oh, no, Lorraine that’s awful!!!!! Hope it all comes back/gets figured out soon, yikes!

    LOVE that cabinet, and it looks great as is, to be totally honest! It’s wood is so high quality, almost a shame to have a change – which is why I have not painted much here, haha, it seems a sin in some ways.

    Have a great weekend- good luck.

    Michele/Finch Rest recently posted…HAPPY HALLOWEEN!My Profile

  7. Oh computers can drive you mad for sure! I have a new photo editor that my husband installed on our new computer…but I hate it.It’s not simple,I can’t figure it out so for now I am still using picmonkey.
    How about coco and old white?I love that combination.Beautiful cabinet!

  8. It’s probably the Midwest in me, but I think your piece is gorgeous as is! I’m pretty jealous of the sign sitting on top of it too. As far as your computer problems go, I’m the last person to give out advice! I hope you get it worked out soon.
    Vickie recently posted…There’s a skeleton in my closet.My Profile

  9. It’s a great piece, Lorraine! I’m not familiar with the MMS colors but what about something that looks like the Annie Sloan Old Ochre? That is neutral.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions recently posted…Quick Vanity Stool MakeoverMy Profile

  10. As far as the fretwork goes, if it went in it has to be able to be to come out. How would you ever replace the glass if it ever got broken. The ones we’ve encountered, come out like a pane of glass. Good luck! And remember Powder River Paint solves all your problems.

  11. What a beautiful piece of furniture! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I have no ideas for you because I am completely brain-dead these days. I hope you figure out your picture issue because that would honk me right off and send me straight into Sybil mode.

    Andi recently posted…the BMMy Profile

    • Oh yeah…I’ve been pretty freaked out because I am NO computer person and don’t have a soul here who is! Someone tried to help long distance but the only thing we finally decided was to install another browser. When I use that one the picture editing/saving goes just fine. I have to haul this thing up tot he Apple store I guess and let them figure out what happened.

  12. Wow! That is really pretty! I have no ideas on your picture problem, but I want that recipe now that I have frozen all this pumpkin puree!!
    Danni@SiloHillFarm recently posted…HOW TO FREEZE PUMPKINMy Profile

  13. So beautiful and I think that color will look wonderful inside. x
    Danielle recently posted…Silver Pennies Sundays Link Party & Features (42)My Profile

  14. What a gorgeous piece Lorraine!!!
    It’s too bad the fret work can’t be removed ( are you sure? ) because it interferes with what’s inside sometimes!
    I’d LOVE to have this for the new place 🙂
    You can just ship it on up here as a house warming gift LMHO
    Suzan recently posted…The New ‘ Hood – and wish lists!My Profile

  15. How frustrating to not be able load your photos but what a treat to see this beautiful cabinet!

    Have a happy fall day and please stop by to enter my 1000th post celebration giveaways all week long.
    Laura Ingalls Gunn recently posted…Happy All Saint’s Day and a Fun Guessing GameMy Profile

  16. I love the cabinet. Does it really need painting? You could just paint the inside….which would be most excellent in Ironstone. Fretwork generally comes out pretty easily. Can’t help you with the pictures thing. Sorry.
    karen@somewhatquirky recently posted…A Fancy Little Coffee TableMy Profile

    • Good idea Karen, brighten the inside -one could even do something more temporary than paint, like burlap attached to the back- and preserve that original condition for posterity. It’s a wonderful almost-antique piece that will fit right into Lorraine’s gorgeous home .

    • I think I am just going to paint the inside first and see how I like it. This fretwork is secured on the inside with a small, delicate frame. I don’t want to break it but I might fiddle with it a little bit and see…

  17. What a beautiful cabinet. I hope your are definitely keeping it. Ironstone will really shine in this great old piece.
    Little Miss Maggie recently posted…Ottoman Makeover in BurlapMy Profile

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