New Beginnings

I think I have read this opening line in almost every blog I’ve viewed….
“I’ve never written a blog before….”
…..sorry, you’re reading it again! Oh well….
I guess I should let you know why this blog has been started. 
It is simply to save my sanity and the physical lives of those around me. 
Now THAT is certainly a much more interesting opening line….don’t you think?
I won’t keep you in too much suspense here.
 I wouldn’t want you to think I’m a raving lunatic running after my family with a huge knife or something…..although…..

Here’s the story…
About three years ago my entire life underwent a full overhaul. 
I don’t want to leave my dear hubby out of this discussion 
as he has had to adapt as well, but……….. let him get his own blog. 
As I was saying, a complete, total, overhaul. 
I was happily pursuing a career in medicine as a nurse practitioner.
I was working in a setting I loved with people I liked and admired. 
Little did I know my long past childhood life was lurking in the shadows
 ready to pounce upon me as I went merrily along. 
We had built the house of our dreams in 2001. 
When I say built, I mean with our own hands…..(house tour in sidebar)
I’ll share more about that later, with pictures to follow.
 Without revealing my age (only because I think it colors the opinions of some)
 I had raised two beautiful daughters who had blessed us with six grandchildren! 
My husband and I enjoyed quiet dinners with things like grilled chicken,
 caprese salad, a nice glass of wine 
finished off with a nice evening boat cruise on the creek behind the house.
 Let me preface this next part with the fact that our spiritual view of life
 is to be prepared to help others in need whenever it presents itself. 
We don’t just talk about it but we believe strongly in DOING that.
Over the years we have had many people in need move in with us 
and we have also built, decorated, purchased, counseled and more for others 
when they needed it.
Even if it was inconvenient.
Well, guess what…”need” presented itself in the form of five children who needed a home. 
They are nieces and nephews to me but (unfortunately) due to the lifestyle of their parents…..
we had never laid eyes on them.
Suddenly, within a few weeks, we were faced with the decision 
to let them go into adoption and be separated from each other…..
or take them into our home.
 Talk about a serious decision….this was a biggie. 
But we have been so blessed to be healthy, hardy folk with lots of energy. 
Amazingly enough, we had also been divinely inspired to build , 
not a little bungalow retirement home, but a 4000+ sq foot house with lots of room
 for a big family……imagine that!
 I always loved a big house……
So, in June 2008 our new family arrived and I began to lose myself.
Now for the next chapter.
 I left my professional position, as caring for five children from a neglected background 
does not lend itself well to a full time working Mom……..
Now, I know some of you reading this have this many at home and maybe more, 
but believe me……these people needed me here. 
Plus, at my advanced (secret) age, I didn’t think I could manage that much anymore. 
So, home I came. 
The dinners of grilled chicken changed to Hamburger Helper. 
Evenings formerly spent on the porch swing changed to homework, showers, 
bedtime struggles, etc. 
Days became filled with grocery shopping, doctor and therapist appointments,
 housework, laundry, gardening, etc. 
Little time was left for personal growth or CREATING… great love.
 I held it together pretty well through the first two years but by the third year
 I was feeling like I needed to get in the car and keep on driving.
 I dreamed of going to Seattle and working in a coffee shop,
 flying to France and working on a lavender farm, 
going to New York City and working at Magnolia Bakery or Tinsel Trading……
in other words, being anywhere but here. 
Of course, I couldn’t do any of that simply because I knew my husband 
(as my Granny used to say) to 
So, I was stuck.
 I have nine more years until the youngest will be 18. 
Don’t get me wrong….overall they are GREAT kids with GREAT potential.
 I was just SO tired and had used up myself. My husband called me
 “a shell of a woman”………
…….he thinks he’s SO funny.
This brings me full circle to the blog! 
 In March 2011 I had had enough with the whole sacrificing woman thing…
 I decided that my former loves of decorating, repurposing furniture, 
sewing and “making stuff” were going to be used somehow. 
I concocted a Porch Sale…we have a beautiful wraparound porch…..NOT a yard sale….
and asked my sister-in-law at Bittersweet Folkart, to come do it with me. 
She immediately said ‘yes’ and we were off and running.
 For two months I scoured the town for vintage, antique and tired furniture 
I cleaned, sanded, repaired and painted. 
I sewed, ephemeraed (is that a real word?) and plotted every detail.
I leaped off the precipice and started this blog…just so I could have somewhere to post pictures and do some “advertising”.
The only time I used a computer (mostly) was at work, to write reports!
I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it. I did not know ONE SINGLE person who HAD a blog and had actually hardly ever READ a blog.
What an idealist!!!
 It was the happiest ‘tired’ I had been in several years! 
Well, the event was on May 20th and 21st and was a BIG success! 
I sold almost all the furniture and we had so many compliments on our presentation. 
Many people asked us if we had a shop somewhere! 
I had a business!  
Lions and tigers and bears….oh my!
We are having another Porch Sale in October and my soul is restored………..
In case you are reading this for the first time. We eventually adopted all five children. My business has grown and I now am a vendor at vintage shows and have a booth in an antique mall.
I’m still blogging!
And not divorced!


  1. I’m so glad I came back and read your very first post. You may make some cool stuff that I like to look at, but even more so you have my respect!


  2. I came here from the Grown up blog linky party. I read that post and then came here to find out about the 5 children. I have to admit I’m filled with admiration and respect for the choices you have made. You must have the biggest heart. Those kids are blessed.

  3. Lorraine, I’m so happy for you – that this year has gone by and so many good things have happened! You are a dear, dear woman.

  4. I am FILLED to the brim with admiration. I don’t know if I could do what you did. I just had my MOTHER here for 5 years and that was very hard, as she was ill and I spent a good part of my life at the hospital. Now we have our daughter and SIL living here as they are building their new house and we are selling this house and buliding a new house too!!!!!!!!! I YI YI!!!!:):) XO, Pinky

  5. Oh my goodness, Lorraine, I don’t know how you do it. What a true sacrifice. I am afraid I am too selfish to give up all you did for these children. I am elevating you to sainthood in my mind and your husband too. I can’t even imagine how much energy it takes to do all that you do. I was sure I was following your blog, but have not been getting your posts so now I am following you on Google. You have my deepest admiration.

  6. Neat story! I loved reading it. I’m so glad those kiddos found a good home and that you eventually found balance in it all. Sounds like a busy life! Thanks for sharing the good and bad!


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