Primitive Jelly Cabinet

I have the same problem that many people have who are in least I HOPE I do...otherwise I might just cry! I spend a lot of time either finding and hauling home, painting or otherwise improving, transporting and pricing, rearranging and sprucing  the furniture or smaller items for the shop... Then there's the whole paint … [Read more...]

Rustic Fall Table Centerpiece

It is still very warm weather here in the South. The other day when I was returning from a furniture delivery w-a-a-a-y out in the back of beyond...I followed a truck overflowing with pumpkins. It was the first one I had seen. Then, just yesterday I saw one of the larger farm markets had big boxes of pumpkins getting unloaded. So, I guess it's time … [Read more...]

Milk Paint Dropleaf Table (Artissimo)

I am so excited today share at the Inspiration Cafe!! I have NEVER done a guest post before…….. But after this stellar appearance…..…I'm sure my inbox will be full of enticing offers to guest post all over blogland….right? I'll be polishing my resume while you read…... Head on over there and see what I did with MMS Milk Paint, some Frog … [Read more...]

Replacing Porch Railings

I don't think I've mentioned that my husband is in the middle of a huge job on the front porch. We built in 2001 and were on a budget. Faux railings were around but too pricey for us at the time. So, my husband turned all the spindles for the railing….really…every one on the lathe. It was a lot of work but saved a lot of money.And it was … [Read more...]

Powder River Paint Available!

I've been awaiting the wonderful new CLEAR pint containers for the Powder River Organic Paint before I could open the online shop! It just wasn't as interesting to take pics of cans! As soon as the quart size cans are gone, they'll be switching over to clear quarts too! YAY! I love that it's so easy to see which color you want to grab … [Read more...]

Vintage Quilts (and other stuff)

I'm starting to feel badly.....I mean REALLY badly about how lazy I am with this whole posting thing. I have PLENTY of stuff I'm doing and I even have some pictures to prove it. I do actually think...."I should sit down and write a post" ....but then, the garage keeps calling and I head out to work on furniture.... "just for a few minutes" … [Read more...]

Bubble, Bubble, Who’s Got The Bubble?

I was not posting today because (as you know already) I am lazy.... However I came across something about bubbles and decided to share..... Bubbles are everywhere..... Bubble Guppies Good Witch Glenda in her bubble Don Ho used to sing about Tiny Bubbles Lawrence Welk had the first ever bubble machine My brother used to blow … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Tip

I've been a VERY bad blogger lately! I haven't posted in at least a week! Goodness! I attribute it to....... Wait just a minute....I'm trying to think of a valid reason......thinking, thinking....... Pure, unadulterated.....laziness. I didn't FEEL like editing pictures. I didn't FEEL like taking new pictures. I didn't FEEL like … [Read more...]