Semper Fi

              Had to write something today to remember all those who sacrificed for my freedom.
 I can move freely around my country when I choose, 
spend my money how I choose, 
drive the car of my choice,
 live in the house of my choice, 
worship God how I choose,
marry whom I choose,
have as many children as I choose,
shop where I choose,
leave a job if I choose,
and many other “choice” freedoms
 thanks to those who have been wounded and died ever since the Revolutionary War. 
The fight for freedon NEVER ENDS. 
There always have been and there always will be enemies of freedom.

              I am remembering my Dad today.
 He has passed and I wasn’t given the privilege of spending much time with him in my life
 but the time I did spend with him revealed a man of honor and duty.
 He served in the USMC for over 16 years through World War II and Korea. 
He was wounded in battle and only left the Corp when he knew I was on the way. 
He didn’t want to risk his life any longer when he had a family. 
Thanks Dad for what you did and thanks to those who have served and continue to serve
 in dangerous places all over the world.

Semper Fi Dad

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