Bless his heart……

Good Morning!! If you had been awake at 3 am, you could have called because my eyes were WIDE OPEN!! Honestly, this season of a woman’s life is NOT meant to include children who need to get up at 6 am for school! God knew what he was about when he said….”woman, thou shalt not have any more children after (a certain age)”. I made that up, so don’t go running for the old family bible and try to find it….. I worked as a night nurse for years and have always been someone who could function with 4-6 hrs sleep……..note all the PAST TENSE used in that sentence. Thank the good Lord that I can still cat nap with the best of them or I’d have killed someone LONG ago (like yesterday).

My husband (bless his heart) …..OK, wait a minute for a little sidebar about using “bless her(his, their) heart(s)”. Now, this is a Southern phrase which really means “what an idiot” or “are you for real” or “you’re one slice short of a loaf”. So, your girlfriend shows up with her new skunk streaked hair and you say “wow, how cool”….then as she leaves you say to your husband….”bless her heart, she loves it”. Your kids come in with breakfast in bed (solidified oatmeal, pale toast with holes from the hard butter, and lemonade so weak it looks like water) and you say “bless your hearts, this is wonderful”. Get it?  So, my husband, bless his heart, says “soon school will be over and you can take a Benadryl and sleep until 10:00”. My job is to say (with a perfectly straight face) “you’re right honey, that will sure be nice”.  Is he FREAKIN kidding me?? Ten o’clock?? By then, they’ll have watched TV for 2-3 hrs, made a mess in the kitchen getting breakfast and had some screaming fights over the remote control. I’ll wake up to blasting rap music, rooms strewn with debris and immediate questions about what time are we going to the beach. I will then (groggy from drugs) have to make it through the whole day with a decreased reaction time………….I’ll say it again……”bless his heart”.

Moving on…….
Here are some recent finds and some things scheduled for a much needed re-creation.

 An adorable little painted black chair. $19 at a thrift shop. No changes needed…already beautifully worn in all the right places.

OK, I’m not exactly sure what it is but I think maybe a book rack? I think I paid about $5 but can’t remember for certain. It’s stands to just above my knee so it’s nice for next to a chair. But, I could put it in the studio with Mason jars full of buttons…….

This is a really nice hanging lamp already finished in a cream color. The sides are screening. It was priced at $25, which I was happy to pay but lo and behold, the orange stickers were 1/2 price that day!! Yay for me! I may lighten it up because it is a sort of yellowy cream and I prefer a barely cream shade. Pale grey is also an option but first I have to decide where to put it.

OK, now to the re-creation category:

At 3 am, wide awake and staring at the ceiling of my studio, I realized that this fan did not fit the decor. I HATE fans with lights BUT in this case, it is directly over my worktable and much needed for working. The body of the fan is quite pretty with an all over openwork design. It just isn’t noticeable because it’s brown. Pale colors work so much better for intricate designs because the shadows give depth and really show off carvings, moldings, etc. I thought about making cute shades for the lamps……still an option,. But, my idea is to use an old petticoat and make one big “shade” for the lights. It may be my sleep deprived brain working overtime……we’ll see how this works out. Y’all may be murmuring right now…..

“Bless her heart……”

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