The Weekend is here……….I Love Monday

Ahhhh….the weekend. 72 hours of people around me constantly…..hmmm……good,bad,good,bad… to tell? It has it’s moments though. Last night my hubby and I were able to go out to dinner to a local, out of the way place. It’s an old house and you sit on the porch and eat. It’s down a country road and as it got darker, we couldn’t even see the yard. It had rained a bit earlier so the heat was gone and there was a nice, soft breeze. A glass of wine and shrimp jambalaya….yummy. It sharted to sprinkle during dinner and the sound of the rain on the porch roof was heavenly. One of the most favorite memories I have is sitting with my Granny on the front porch during a summer rainstorm. The minute it started to rain she would get her cup of tea and maybe some knitting or mending and out we would go. I still follow that habit and you’ll find me on the porch when it’s raining…..

This morning I sold a very pretty little cabinet I had leftover from the porch sale……I really liked it and had to make myself let it go. Ah well….can’t keep everything!
I generally had a quiet, unproductive day. I hate that but it happens now and then. I don’t know about you, but for some reason, I can’t seem to ‘get the groove going’ when I have all these people around……
 I did get a 6yd length of a nice heavyweight linen washed, dried and ironed. I have been looking for a fabric that resembles those grain sacks everyone is using on things and finally found something at Hancock Fabrics on Thursday. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to buy a $100 grain sack with French writing just to make a pillow! So, I like to faux whenever possible. I’m going to figure out how to get some French writing and images on this fabric and then use it for projects. I’ll let you know how things turn out.
So, at loose ends and right between dropping a kid off and picking a kid up, I pulled out a vintage piece of fabric with a pretty pulled thread border on two sides……..think I’ll make a pillow….now, what to put on it? Embroidery, applique, iron on……..? Then I remembered the adorable piece of yo-yo ‘fabric’ I found at the Art &Soul conference that was here a few months ago…….where is it? What do you think?

I’ll post a pic when I’m done. I think a backing of a cute vintage fabric would be good……

I promised you some pictures of my studio….here are the best that don’t show all the mess!
Here’s my shelf above the desk. Glass isn’t my first choice but my father-in-law scored this long piece of glass in the trash across the street so it became a shelf……who can beat free? This is full of my favorite things, including a picture of my Granny and her house in Asbury Park NJ

My sewing machine is right under these angels. I can look out into the back yard and see the creek while I sew. I admit, when I’m not in “the zone”, it can be pretty distracting…..watching the birds and bunnies….

I’ve had this drawer cabinet for 20 years or so. I found it in a junk shop for $150 which was CRAZY at the time. I couldn’t afford it and my husband looked at me like I had that third eye thing (OMG….that’s when it started!!). I still love it and every drawer has a label so I can find things. The small drawer cabinet on top of it is the insert out of our old roll top desk whcih is now the base for my worktable in the  middle of the room. We didn’t know what to do with the desk and didn’t want to get rid of it since it was a family piece…….so some clever re-working and voila! Worktable and storage unit. I keep all my glitter in that little vintage train case on top of the cabinet.

Last but not least….my husband’s little old baby shoe next to a roll of shell buttons that I have not even used yet……can’t decide what to do with them….

Well, that’s my Saturday……..

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