Day Three: Lucketts!

On day two, while we were at the Big Flea Miss Bittersweet and I engaged in the same activity which occurs whenever we are in the midst of junk, antiques, fabric, ephemera, etc…….creative thinking!! Recharging my batteries is an absolute necessity for me because I climb up and down the “blue ladder” so easily. Being completely immersed in creative thinking and discussion did wonders for my spirit and outlook. Miss Bittersweet is a great encourager and during this trip she inspired me to step out and take some of my refinished furniture and created items to a new shop opening here in Virginia Beach….Chartreuse. We also saw one small rack with some interesting re-purposed clothing and in response to my wondering….”would anyone actually wear this? I love this kind of thing and wish I could make some clothing…” Miss Bittersweet excitedly said a big “YES”. She informed me that many of her creative friends who do shows love to wear funky vintage and romantic styled clothing but they can’t afford some of the designers out there. Another little light started flickering and I decided to also step out and try this new venture when I returned home. So, I will be letting you know a bit more about all these new developments in a few days……

Back to the task at hand… from Lucketts!!
Bear with me, those who are familiar with Lucketts, as I explain various things.
Lucketts is an enterprise in the village of Luckett, near Leesburg, Va. There is a website with directions and some pictures but it’s an experience that is hard to appreciate in a small picture. There are small, open outbuildings scattered around the main two buildings. These three pictures are shots of those. Each building is a vendor. These folks (to me) are pretty intrepid because their stuff is exposed to the elements. I’m not sure I could do that after all the work of finding and/or refinishing but….they do!

I should have bought this dress form….I am craving one and this was extremely inexpensive. Ah well..

And now, Beekeepers Cottage….It is a smaller building than the main one, with two floors. it is jam packed with Shabby Chic and French inspired furniture, linens, accessories and jewelry. Miss Bittersweet wants to live there….alone…..
This is the first room you enter and it is so gorgeous! We each bought some of these glittered crowns on sticks as well as some jewelry.

How about those pale blue ostrich feathers?

Here’s my gorgeous cross necklace. You’ll have to go over to Miss Bittersweet’s page to see her SPIDER bracelet… works for her….I actually love it, it’s very pretty in a creepy, spidery way..

Love the floor! Remember that juxtaposition I talked about in my personal style post….this is a good example. The Shabby paired with the French! Works for me!

Linens, headboards, pillows, it’s all here…..

We were DROOLING over this piece…..I am now thinking how to create the same effect with a found object…….

Now over to the main building…..three floors of great stuff!

OK, now I want to live here too……

I love how this set of closely spaced shelf brackets gives the impression of a hutch top….

Tah- dah!! look who we found! Her shop was very empty…there had recently been a big sale we heard, but still, it was nice to see the actual spot where so many pictures have been taken.

Enough for today….next time, the final few shops we found on our way home!

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