Day Two: DC Big Flea

On day one, the Misses Flibbertigibbet & Bittersweet settled into their hotel and then went and bought some nice snacks for the evening and did a bit of shopping at Tuesday Morning (just to prime the pump). We spent the evening being inspired by the pile of magazines we had brought as well as surfing the net.
Up bright and early, downstairs for some breakfast and off to the Flea!

Walked in and…..oh my oh my….what can I say? Not a crocheted toilet paper cover in sight…..just rows and rows of vintage, antique and beautifully handcrafted items. I took pics of some of the more interesting booths. I always asked ahead of time and told them I would put a link to their site. Except for the ONE French booth (very very pretty things) everyone I asked said ‘yes”. So, enjoy………

Is this enought ice cream/chocolate molds for you? Miss Bittersweet was ready to sell her first born child for one but I wouldn’t let her.
Bunnies on a motorcycle!
He has thousands of molds and said that this is just what he brought to the show. The one Miss Bittersweet really wanted was $1000…..yes, that’s four zeros.
here is the info for the Mold Man….just kidding.

Now here is the lampshade lady. Not just that but vintage buttons, trims and fabrics. Miss Flibbertigibbet bought some things for her newest venture….repurposed vintage clothing… be unveiled at a later date!

Here is a closeup of one of the shades. This one is a bit dark and maybe too Victorian for me but you wouldn’t believe the beauty in real life. She has many softer and lighter tones as well but she was selling well and when I cam back by, many of those were gone.

Here is her info:

OK, this was the most amazing collection of vintage and antique sporting stuff we had ever seen. it was beautifully displayed and I took several pictures……

Here is his info:

This booth owner doesn’t have a website or blog but her email is on the card she gave me so here it is:
Her name is Rags & Riches
She is located in Maryland and primarily does shows. She may also sell directly.

 So, thouroughly exhausted and with sore feet, we rested at the hotel a bit and then went thrifting!!! Tomorrow……..LUCKETT’S……!!! 

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