Road Trip!!!

To quote my grandson’s favorite show (Mickey’s Clubhouse)….Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggety Dog!! I’m getting away from home for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS! My SIL (Bittersweet Folkart Primitives..check it out) and I are going up to the DC Flea and also taking a side trip to Lucketts (heaven on earth)! I heard that the Design House is closed……boo hoo…..but everything else is open…..yah hoo….I don’t know if that means I won’t get to see Miss Mustard Seed Designs or Primitive & Proper designs or not. I have only been there once (I know, don’t tell me) more than a year ago when my hubby and I went away for a TWO NIGHT “vacation”. That time I could hardly stand it and bought a set of enameled french hotel numbers for myself as well as a wire test tube holder….very cool. I didn’t have much money to spend so I had to just fill up with “virtual purchases”. I have a (sort of) photographic memory and can still visually walk through the different areas (and have…..repeatedly, believe me!). I’ve saved a bit of my furniture money so I can buy a few special things for myself this time maybe……CAN’T WAIT!!

I saw on the website that there is a cool industrial designer there and I LOVE that stuff. I have two rusty wire industrial fan covers that I have yet to do anything with. They were in a pile of junk outside our old church (it was an inner city setting) and you should have seen the faces and heard the comments when I swooped down on those things and hauled them home. My hubby has tried to throw them away several times……He’s always asking me “do you want this junk or can I get rid of it?”. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM……..we’ll never know…..I love him anyway.
So, we leave on Friday morning and return on Sunday. I will take some pics of all the cool stuff we see and post them HERE.

On to other things. Spent the day at one of those HUGE amusement parks with the horde and a grandchild in tow. I read them the riot act before we started because the last time I had to remove two of them and sit in the baking hot car for two hours because they simply WOULD NOT stop fighting about things and I was close to tears (the heat index was almost 100 that day). I couldn’t afford to run the car and keep the AC on and it was miserable. God bless them…..they were good all day and even hung around together on a couple rides and were (sit down) HAPPY. It was exhausting but they had a good time and I didn’t cry….altogether successful. We found a nice shady spot to sit and eat lunch (need a blanket next time) and relax for a bit. Feeding seven in one of those parks would cost me $70+ … can do. They are really good about leaving the park to go eat lunch as they know we can’t go at all if we don’t do that. A charity group gave us all passes just before the adoption took place so it has been really fun for them this year. If I can keep selling furniture, maybe we can do it again next year!

OK…that’s good for today…..hope the blog about leaving comments helps a bit…..I would love to hear from you!

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