15 Minute Presto Change-O

Before I share my next 15 minute redo with you I thought I’d mention how lucky we all are that Irene wasn’t all she was supposed to be……thank goodness! We had wind and rain which was on the moderate side, but not much else. Power was out for about 6-8 hrs but thanks to my resourceful hubby, we were all ready with a generator and lots of gas. I have gas for cooking and hot water so I was able to make dinner easily and take a shower! The temperature had gone down so we could crack the windows open, run the fans and sleep well. My daughter and her family came over and spent the night and then we had a nice big breakfast in the morning. Lots of branches down in the yard but nothing large, thank goodness. There were a few trees down in the neighborhood but no real damage. The saddest thing that happened was in a nearby city where an 11 yr old boy lost his life when a tree took off the corner of the apartment building he lived in. It was such a sad story and happened early on before Irene was even over us completely. My heart broke for his mother, who was there with him but survived the destruction. Life is so fragile…..we need to remember that daily.

Here is the redo for today! Silver! I was browsing in Michaels and found this:

The label says you can just rub it on with your finger, cloth or a brush. Then you buff for a higher shine. Hmmm….I have a few things at home I wish were more silver than gold but it’s too annoying to spray paint them. Like these wall sconces:

They’re pretty but would be better in a silver tone. But they’re attached to the wall and would have to be taken down to paint so…..annoying. I’ve just been living with them as is. But, a little Rub ‘n Buff and presto change-o:
Now I need to change the shades…….
Here’s a close-up of one of the rosettes….I like the blend of gold peeking through which gives it a nice antique feel…
You know how it is when you find a new product and go crazy? I spent the next half hour wandering around and silvering picture frames………I never pass up a picture I love because the frame is wrong, they can ALWAYS be fixed. Here is an example of the change you can make……
Before…….and after….
It really pops out the carving which is hardly noticeable before….
For all the items, I used my finger and then buffed with a soft cloth. It made it much easier to get in between little embellishments. It washed off fairly easily….just a little scrubbing required. It did stain around my nails a bit though so if you are not used to having paint in your cuticles like I am…you may want to wear some cotton gloves or maybe use a brush.
So easy and did I mention cheap? It was under $5….I think it was actually $3.98 but I can’t remember for certain.
Trucking along here with 15 minute projects and hoping to make a stab at the huge list I have…….
I am ready to open my online shopping but am experiencing some troubles with my wireless connection this week after Irene. Then we have the Labor Day weekend which will be busy and then school starts!! Did you hear that sound? I think it’s the Hallelujah chorus…….. 


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