In case you missed what I said….whew!! Boy am I tuckered! The Porch Sale was a huge success…I hope you didn’t miss it. Sold off almost all the furniture and people are emailing me about pieces I have left. The good news is NOW I GET TO FIND MORE FURNITURE! Yay! I Love, Love, Love helping people fill their homes with beautiful things. And I especially love taking the things others have discarded and giving them a new purposeful life. It’s such an amazing paradox that we are doing the same thing with these children we have been given. {if you don’t know the story of this blog….go to the beginning} They were discarded and we are hoping to give them a new and beautiful life. We may or may not be successful in that venture, but we were only called to be faithful and follow God’s leading. In that, we are successful. The rest remains to be seen.

I am so blessed by the success of this little business I have started. I can’t thank enough all my supporters out there! A big thank you to my hubby, who puts up with the overcrowded garage, slapdash meals and overflowing laundry baskets,lets me move things into his (much bigger) garage when the sale gets closer, repairs loose veneer, legs on chairs, drawer sides, etc, etc. It’s so nice to be able to pick up a piece of furniture even in need of repair, because I know he can fix it! Even two of the kids like to come help me and love to use the vibrator sander (good thing, since it makes my pinched nerve act up!). Plus there is my brother and sister-in-law who have been so encouraging and helpful to me. My daughters, my in-laws, and friends are always offering encouragement in my craziness!

I meet so many wonderful people through the sale and I hope some may begin following the blog. It’s a good way to keep up with upcoming sales as well as see the pieces I finish. I would love to sell during the lull times between sales because when my garage gets full, I have to stop picking up furniture….oh no! And believe me, I have passed up some nice pieces simply for lack of room to store them! Aren’t you proud of me?…what superhuman restraint. Actually, I just need to feed the kids occasionally and there’s only so much Hamburger Helper we can stand.

I have also gotten an new opportunity to help someone redecorate their house (another thing I LOVE) and can’t wait to get started on that. Through the Porch sale, she saw my vision for furnishings, saw some of what I have done in my home and asked if I would be willing to help. I thought for a minute and said ….yes! yes! yes!   I tried not to jump up and down…it’s so undignified. She fell in love with the French gray and cream china cabinet and wants to build a guest room around that look. I can’t wait to get started!

Another bit of good news is I finally found time to get an Etsy shop through the blog. I will put some of the other goodies I find on there as well as handmade things and furniture. I can’t ship the furniture but if you are near enought to drive to Virginia Beach, you can buy that too! I haven’t put much on there yet, but give me another day and it will grow.

I’ll leave you with this happy thought…at least you don’t have to clean up this….


  1. Very cute, and a fabulous tutorial. Looks so good. Thanks for sharing and joining my newbie party. PLEASE add my link or button, thanks.

  2. Thanks Debbie! I appreciate all the help you give to newbie’s like me!

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