And So It Begins…..

This is the beginning of a VERY, VERY, busy time for all of us! The holiday season is here with Thanksgiving looming only a couple weeks away! I can hardly believe it. It’s a dangerous time for me because this season is my very favorite. It’s dangerous because I can easily become overwhelmed as I try and create good experiences for everyone. I love all of it but it is very exhausting. On top of that is the huge mess we have here with this living room remodel and my lack of space to store the ‘for sale’ items I have accumulated. Children are now occupying my spare rooms and I worry about putting finished furniture in the potting shed. I am moving things around in here to make as much space as possible but it’s overflowing with furniture. I wish I had a nice little shop space to take them to! Unfortunately, I don’t really like those tiny 10 x 10 spaces they offer at ‘antique’ malls. I would like to find a house type setting which lends itself much more to display of furniture. I am looking, but (for some reason) there seems to be little of that here anymore. I remember in days past that there were several places like that but no more. 

In the meantime, here are some pics of ongoing work…..
I have the first coat of primer on the new living room wall unit. Now comes a thorough sanding….yuk! Then more primer…Yay! A little more sanding……Yuk! Then finish coats….two.

Here’s a closeup of the pillar base…..
And the beautiful egg and dart crown molding. That took awhile to paint because of all those little indentations. It requires a ‘pouncing’ and swirling motion to get them all filled. All told, it took about 2 hrs to get the first coat on…..and that’s without doors and drawers! But, it’s a labor of love….I can’t wait to see it all decorated for Christmas! 
This will all be cleaned up and (hopefully) finished by Christmas so I am excited to be able to show you some pictures of my beautiful house. When I started this blog about 7 months ago it was to coincide with my new venture…..selling furniture creations and found items at my first Porch Sale. So, right from the beginning, I was experiencing a ‘cluttered’ existence and it has never been really returned to the state it was in before! Then summer hit with the live-in horde and HEAT, school started, the next Porch Sale arrived, and so forth. I am only now really starting to get a handle on it and I can’t wait to get this place back in shape. There is nothing like a looming event to light a fire under me! Two weeks from this Thursday is THANKSGIVING…….OMG!
Today there is no school due to local elections so I am enlisting the horde to help move some things around…..this is not a piece of furniture but I just had to show you my Meyer lemon tree!
It’s a bit sparse looking because it should have been brought tin the house before now and some leaves are dropping. I kept hoping the rest of the lemons would fully ripen (yesterday it was 70 on the back porch!) but today it needs to come in. I’ve had it for two years and I really love it. When it blooms inside during the winter the scent is incredible! If you can find one, I recommend it highly. I wish I could leave it outside but we get too cold here. Behind it is a bouganvillia, another of my favorites. I envy those of you who are in California….what a wonderful area (except for the earthquakes, brush fires and mud slides I guess….LOL). 
If you have any recipes for Meyer lemons or if you have a lemon tree….I’d love some input.

I haven’t forgotten about furniture and am working on a piece that I hope to give you a tutorial for…..just let me squeeze it in to my schedule……

Bye for now…’s a picture of what is hanging next to my bathroom mirror so I have something pretty and inspiring to look at in the morning……some of my paper ribbon stamped with French Script tied around some nice looking silk roses……..


  1. Oh, I can just smell those lemons!

    My mantra for the holidays this year is “keep it simple!” I’m with you on not wanting to get overwhelmed in doing it all…I get more non-traditonal every year.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my DC subway art dresser.

    All the best!

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