It’s one of those days I so enjoy…just doing general housekeeping. Now, lest you think I’m the gal who likes scrubbing toilets and cleaning the oven…let me reassure you. I am talking about other housekeeping….straightening the studio, washing linens that will be used to create new things, making the small parts that are needed for the next project…..THAT kind of housekeeping. I enjoy these puttering days, moving from one thing to the next with no sense of urgency. I need these days every now and again…’s good for restoring my sense of peace and equilibrium. Right now, my favorite movie Sense and Sensibility, is on the TV and I just rewind it whenever I miss a part. I love the romantic and soft clothing in that movie and I am in awe when I think about how every gown, hat, glove, dish cloth, sheet, curtain, tablecloth, napkin, apron, etc was HAND STITCHED. A lady could spend her time doing needlepoint and embroidery, but other women spent hours making the daily, utilitarian items used every day….can you imagine? 
Here is what I’ve been up to so far….

Soaking a vintage tablecloth in some hot water and Oxyclean. I may make some aprons from this, cover a lampshade, or use it in a new Shabby bag…

Some vintage laces drying on the porch……

More vintage lace awaiting cleaning….

Then I moved on to some glittering. Small grapevine nests with their first coat of glitter. I think I’ll add some mica flakes and nestle a small bird in there……

Then some chipboard crowns which will become part of an ornament I have planned….

Now, I’m not the only one who has been busy! Remember the new wall unit for the living room makeover? It’s in the room now and every evening my hubby has been finishing some of the details. Last night he added crown molding around the top..

Isn’t that just beautiful? Now, I need to get it all painted but that will move along quickly. I just want it ready for Thanksgiving company so I am not going to rush myself.
Here’s a closeup of the crown molding….

And another..

I’ll keep you posted on the living room makeover….new wall color, new rug, window treatments and LOTS of furniture rearranging to come…..

Well….back to the housekeeping….hmmmm……what shall I do next?

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