One Down, Two to Go

Thanksgiving is over…Christmas is coming and then a New Year’s Day Open House… is definitely a busy season as usual! But, I love it all, especially Christmas.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! We served 23 people and there was enough for leftovers (the best part!). My little 2yr old grandson showed off his karate skills which was too cute! He can’t jump completely off the floor yet so it was funny to watch him try to do a kick while saying “hiya!”.

Spent part of Friday at the big Christmas market we have her every year with my SIL at her booth….. Bittersweet Primitives. She makes a lovely room spray which you can buy from her online, along with her adorable primitive snowmen, Santas and angels….
Her link is here

She also sold a couple of my vintage book wreaths

And a cropped sweater from my clothing line

Saturday night we had tickets for the Cirque du Soliel Holidaze show. It was amazing and beautiful, like all the Cirque productions. Beforehand all the adults went to a nice dinner out at Bonefish Grill. if you have one in your area, I recommend it…the food is always very good.

Family went home on Sunday and I went back down to the Christmas Show to pick up a Sellers Hoosier I had hoped would sell….my SIL used it for display….so the Hoosier is back home again! Can’t seem to get rid of it! My hubby is down a bit with a cold so he went to bed around five and I had a quiet evening catching up on a few TV shows and looking through some magazines. The horde isn’t allowed to watch TV during the week so Sunday night they are always glued to the tube to soak in one more episode of (you name it) before the HORRIBLE torture of NO TV begins again on Monday. Needless to say…not a peep was heard from them all evening….Ahhhh…..

Today was the first day in about a month when I didn’t feel like I had to work all day on painting something so I returned something to a store, met a customer who wants a custom paint job on a piece of furniture and then had lunch with my hubby….nice. 

I’m excited today because I was featured at West Furniture Revival….you can check it out here

Back to work tomorrow….I have several things that need to go up on the two Etsy sites! No more procrastination!

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