Beautiful Tree

I usually decorate my own tree. As many of you do,
 I change up the tree each year and it never looks exactly the same. 
There are some constants, 
white lights, 
lots of silver and white ornaments,
 vintage looking ornaments (my favorite) 
and no tinsel. 
I do the decorating while the kids are in school 
not because I don’t trust them with my things 
but because an organized tree decorating attempt the first year they were here 
ended in fighting.
 Not exactly what I had planned for the Christmas experience!
They are getting better and better at getting along with each other so there is progress. 
 I often choose the activities very carefully so they will be as pleasant as possible. 
In addition, one thing I am learning to do is to 
be considerate of MYSELF.
 The arguing upsets me and the feelings often persist for quite awhile. 
I can very easily become blue for days after these episodes of fighting
So, I did it myself the past two Christmases.

Last year I bought my very first artificial tree. 
I am a thrift store junkie and found a pre lit tree that is about 6 ft tall for $68. 
I have always had a real tree and love the smell 
and the natural, never perfect look. 
But, I also wanted to be able to set up and take down the tree 
when I wanted to 
without having to wait for my husband to help. 
I also like to leave the tree up through New Year’s Day 
when I have a big open house. 
But, with the real tree I was usually dealing with falling ornaments 
(due to dried out branches) and needles everywhere. 
By the time I took all the ornaments off and pulled out all the lights, 
I had a huge mess to clean up. 
Between the extra tiring new life I have 
and the fact that I am the hostess for the majority of the family activities during the season,
 I decided I wanted to reduce one thing that was making more difficulty. 
Hence the tree.
This year I have been so busy that the tree sat 
undecorated for several days 
because I hadn’t even gotten the ornaments down from the attic. 
The 17 yr old boy was pestering me one day to 
Please, Please,Please let him decorate the tree. 
Everyone else was occupied so I thought….
OK, let’s get the ornaments and get started.
Amazingly, I didn’t even seem to care what he did.
Not for one single moment!
That had to be God’s grace because I DO like my tree to look pretty!
As he began, he said, 
“you know this is the first time I ever decorated a tree.”
I felt my throat tighten and tears came into my eyes. 
I reminded him that Aunt J had brought them a tree once or twice I’m sure. 
My sister loves Christmas 
and I knew she would have done that.
He said,
 “yeah she did, and there were some plastic ornaments too. 
But, it wasn’t like this. 
This is the first time I ever really decorated a Christmas tree.”
See, God knew that he needed to do this and I needed to 
NOT do it.


Does the tree look like it would if I had done it?
Does it look beautiful?
He has admired his work many times and told several people
“I decorated the whole thing.”
Now, I did have to tweak a little….JUST A LITTLE!
The tree has to be put upon a table because it is really too small for the scale of the room 
(but it was $68!!).
 I really had to do something about the bottom of the tree.
I have had this wedding petticoat for awhile
 and since my plan to make a ruffled tree skirt this year 
(AND put it on the blog) 
didn’t ever take place….
I had an inspiration.
My no sew ruffled tree skirt….with lights!
Super duper easy. The petticoats are pretty easy to find at the thrift stores or maybe on EBay
I covered the tree table with a white tablecloth. Then safety pinned the lights to the tablecloth.



Make an up and down pattern and go around the table in this manner.


Take the petticoat 
(I had to cut mine open because the tree was all done before I thought of it)
and wrap it around the table. 
Add some batting or snow to cover the base of the tree and you’re finished!
I love it! 


  1. Oh so pretty. It’s like your tree is ready for a Ball.

  2. What a neat idea for a tree skirt! I wish I hadn’t sold the petticoat in my booth now!

  3. what a beautiful blog and i am so thrilled that you enjoyed the guest post!!! : ) i am now your newest follower : ) hugs…

  4. My 15 year old was the one that started the tree this year. I let her do whatever she wanted too and I love it. They are growing up but still our little kids. I have a small tree too, and I put it in an urn with rocks to weigh it down.

  5. Tree Skirt Netting w/Lights ~ Just FaB!*!*! BeSt…
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  6. What a wonderful idea for a tree skirt! I am on the hunt for a petticoat now. Your tree is beautiful.

    • For those who would like to get this effect, but don’t have access to the ‘petticoat’, it would still be simple to do. Just purchase lots of white (or red) netting (voile)…then pile it up around the base of the tree till you have the desired effect. Use lights with white wiring….just place them in & around & under the netting….not too many or it will lose its magic. I find that this works better as it is easier to arrange so that it hides the base of the tree. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to place gifts under the tree, or at least not on the netting….unless they were very small and light weight.

  7. What a perfect tree! Your son did a wonderful job with the decor and the tree skirt is so pretty.

  8. Love that tree skirt–great idea and so beautiful!

  9. Love, love the tree skirt and the lights! I had a few tears when he mentioned he’d never decorated a tree before. Yes, it’s beautiful and yes, God knew what He was doing. 🙂


  10. Anonymous says:

    Your tree is beautiful.. I’m happy God opened your eyes and heart to see the joy your son had decorating the tree and how proud he was doing it. I wish it would not of taken him (God) so long to teach you a lesson. It’s all about creating Happy memories with our families.. and cherishing them for years.. with those memories they go out and re-create them when they have families of their own..may your heart be joyous this Christmas when it’s time again to decorate the tree… Happy Holiday.. a little early..

  11. You’re story sounds allot like mine and it brought tears to my eyes also! Now the memory of the time you spent with your son outweighs that it wasn’t what you had planned!

  12. You’re story sounds allot like mine and it brought tears to my eyes also! Now the memory of the time you spent with your son outweighs that it wasn’t what you had planned!

  13. I love this idea!! So gorgeous!!

  14. Great story. I love the petticoat idea! I’m glad he enjoyed decorating and did a great job.

  15. Awesome post, I let my 10 year old decorate my tree too. I only had to stick the sticks on the top and pin a few ribbons back into place. Have a very Merry Christmas!! Shelly

  16. O M G that tree skirt is the BEST idea EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it and the story is so beautiful. God did know that he needed to decorate that tree. XO, Pinky

  17. What a beautiful tree skirt that made. Love the story about who decorated the tree. Be very good to yourself and take life easier. There are many of us who appreciate you and your informative blog. Happy Holidays!

  18. I really love the look of the wedding petticoat,what an awesome shabby chic look and the lights are the supporting players of this new star. As far as decorating the tree my 10 and 13 yr old grandgirlies have done it for years. It is a special night,I pick them up from school,we do homework,listen to Christmas music,have a dinner of thier choice (breakfast food) and let the decorating begin. This year the new brother (20 months)was held hostage by Grandpa until all but a few ornaments were on tree. My husband makes ornaments every year of the grandchildren (7 grandbabies so far)He as made gingerbread men,elves,snoopy charachters,nutcraker (some ballarinas,some nutcrakers)to name a few,his dream is that at some point no store bought ornaments,only exception is ones he has bought me over the years,it is so awesome to see the ones that live locally and the ones that live out of state look for “thier”faces on the tree. And every year on Christmas eve he has a new ornament for each and everyone to hang. It is a great tradition,they all enjoy as does great grandparent,great aunts and uncles,cousins,my simblings and thier children. This year I thought I might need to decorate for in Cali school is not out til the 21st, my granddaughters set me straight they told me “Grammy that is our special job”. I must confess the tree has improved over the years as they have gotten older,and at some point the younger ones will maybe have to join in,but for now this Grammy is blessed by the speical memories of the first two granddaughters and the decorating of the family tree.

  19. Gorgeously angelic. Never thought of doing that but I love your tree & the story behind it, very moving.

  20. You come up with the best ideas. I love the petticoat with the lights. Very angelic indeed. You gave that young man a Christmas experience he will never forget and I bet you won’t either. Beautiful post.

  21. The tree skirt is beautiful, but even more beautiful is saving the tree for him to decorate when he gets home from boot camp.



    Would you make me the petticoat lighted skirt? My daughter is getting married
    january 18 and this would look beautiful on around the cake table.????

    Thank you,
    Penny Schlueter

    • Gosh…thanks for the request! I feel all wanted and everything but I think it would be MUCH cheaper to find or even order a petticoat and just add lights under it…..Check out EBay and Etsy….surely there is a petticoat somewhere out there!


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