Books….Not Just For Reading

I am, have always been and always will be a book lover.
 I love everything about books. 
I can spend (and have) hours in a library or bookstore. 
I doubt I will ever be switching over to a Nook or a Kindle 
or whatever the latest “reader” device is.
 I like turning the pages and quickly peeking to see how many pages are left in the chapter….
can I finish before I have to pick someone up? 
before I have to get dinner on? 
before they call me for my appointment? 
I don’t mind the weight of a book in my bag….it’s comforting to me.
 In a moment I can be transported somewhere else no matter where I am physically.
I love to see books in a house. 
To me, it means there is thinking going on there and not just TV watching 
and that I might have something in common with that person. 
I never say it aloud because it would be rude but I have gone into some homes and thought “where are your books?” 
Looking at someone’s bookshelf can tell you about the person. 
Do they like decorating, history, detective novels, romance, biographies?
I find it difficult… let me be honest….impossible, to throw a book in the trash can.
 Therefore I have lots of books that I love and have kept. 
I donate the others to the library, missions or the thrift store. 
I especially love old books and people that know me often give me their books that they were thinking of dumping. I find it hard to say no to a leather bound book…even if it’s tattered!

I even decorate with books and I’m not alone…..

There are ideas for plumbers who read…

People who live in lighthouses, 
can’t afford a bookcase 
and don’t have small children

People who need a dining room table
and don’t have children

For recycling OCD people
although this is actually a nice idea………and one I started doing
for school when I was six….everything comes around again, doesn’t it?

And LOTS of other ideas….

tear the covers off the really damaged ones and tie them with twine

here are my french poetry books tied with twine
Pile them up
hang them up

Whether you stack, rack, hang or group
just get those books out of the attic or off the dusty shelves and
enjoy them
that’s why they’re there!

Do you have a favorite way to display your books?

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  1. This is a funny post. You still dizzy?

    My favorite is the pipe. I can do that, I have the pipe and too many kids to do the other ones!


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  3. I like to stack them on tables and try hard to keep people (kids) from using them as coasters! I have a question. The brown paper Apt. Therapy pic.? How do you know what book it is? or is that just for show I guess? LOL.

  4. Books are another thing I like to shop for at yard sales and Goodwill! I’m a junkie for buying good books for pennies, especially books for my daughter (She is three). I must admit that although I have shelves full of books and no room for any more, I don’t read many books other than my Bible and decorating books. I always promise myself that I’ll start up a good classic novel, but I never do it.

    Thanks for your funny comment on thrifty shopping. Your “junkers united” phrase is hilarious!!


    P.S. One book lover to another, read Fahreheit 451. It’s a classic book that really makes you think about your personal freedoms. I used to teach this book to my highschool students and they loved it!

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