The Gentle Pleasures of White

What is it about white?
 It’s soothing, calming, clean and fresh. 
There is a reason hospitals used to be white….it has a calming effect on the soul.
 After the excesses of the holidays with an overabundance of everything,
 I find myself craving simplicity and …… white.
 I love the clean surfaces in the house when the decorations are put away 
and I enjoy it for awhile as an opportunity to re-center myself. 
January and February are a time to contemplate and become quiet. 
These are the months that I may re-organize a closet,
 read more books, 
catch up on magazines,
 take unneeded items to charity, 
make pots of soup 
and do more baking. 
There are no major holidays to interrupt this slow, easy pace.
I can take the time to sit with a cup of tea and an indulgence of cinnamon toast.
Every time I dip the cinnamon sugar out of this little jar, I think of my Granny. 
This was her jar, the same one she used when making toast for me as a girl.
 And that’s my curved handled baby spoon used to sprinkle the sugar 
over the hot, buttered toast.

I didn’t know until I was a much grown adult that you could buy cinnamon sugar in the store! 
To pay for such a simple item still astonishes me. 

Is there anything more simple yet satisfying than the crunchy, spicy sweet 
and buttery goodness of cinnamon toast?

I enjoy using my collection of vintage linens not only crafting clothing
but to hang at a window as a simple curtain

White curtains give a glow to a room when the bright winter light streams through
Enhancing any cutwork or embroidery

Stacks of vintage and new creamy fabrics await transformation

Coco is dressed for the season in tulle and wool
I love the contrast 

She wears an antique crocheted lace collar

And yards and yards of billowing tulle
The simple pleasures of these months….


  1. The whole blog was soothing to me! I love that jar and spoon. I have great memories of my childhood and you making me toast from that very jar 🙂

  2. My Grandma used to make me cinnamon sugar toast as well. I have her cookie tin I use now to store tea…it is comforting to have a bit of her with me each day. I am falling in love with white and when we move it is my plan to surround myself with white….it is calming…many think it is too stark, to bland, not I. Thank you for this post, it brightened my day.

  3. I love me some crisp whites! Have you ever made oven cinnamon toast? It’s like the more fattening more delicious version of cinnamon toast, so you would need to dip your baby spoon more than once in the jar.


  4. white is simply WONDERFUL!!!!! and as far as cinnamon on toast — brings back the memories of Grandma…ahhhhh how sweet! thanks for sharing and warming the heart! hugs…

  5. Beautiful post. This week is not my newbie party. I was hosting a magazine copy cat challenge. Please re link next week. Thank you.

  6. Oh I adore your vintage lines pieces they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

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