Movies That Inspire Me: Green Card

I thought I’d do a few posts on some things that inspire me in decorating. 
I’m hoping that some of you will also share about the things that inspire you as well.
The other day I mentioned magazines and I may get back to that one later
but today, I want to talk about movies.
I have been a movie buff since I was a girl. 
I can still remember some of the houses in those movies very clearly.
Set designers specialize in replicating authentic settings. 
They spend hours researching the “right” look. 
Whether it is fabric, rugs, accessories, moldings, doors, windows, bedding, dishes…..
the list goes on. 
It offers a fabulous opportunity to ‘move’ in a room rather than just look at a still shot 
like a magazine. 
But, the publicity still shots are only a part of the inspiration.
 At times, as a character is moving through a scene, 
I have paused the movie so I can see the detail in the background. 
Many of the features in my own home 
have been inspired by movies with great houses.

Today my first movie is Green Card

Before I get started, I wanted to tell you that these pics
 come from Hooked on Houses. 
If you haven’t visited over there, you should, 
especially if you love houses and decorating, as I do.
You can find it here 
If you click on the top header of TV/Movie Houses you’ll be treated to an alphabetical list of movies. 
Believe me this is house crack…it’s hard to leave!

OK, back to Green Card
It starred Andie MacDowell who portrayed a gardener and 
Gerard Depardieu who is the love interest (eventually). 
There’s more to it, but the part that is great is the NYC apartment she eventually gets.
 It has a full conservatory which she restores to beauty.
For me, this was the first time I had seen a vintage inspired interior
which sort of morphed into the shabby chic look that became so 
hugely popular thanks to Rachel Ashwell.

This has SUCH a French feel. Rustic table, bottle of wine
mismatched pottery…and all backed by the
gorgeous conservatory.
Arched French doors, soft green walls, wicker and rattan
look at that beautiful blue/green piece near the fireplace
and LOTS of molding
Here is looking into the sweet kitchen where we’ll go next
remember these dresses?
A small NY kitchen but SO darling
look at the tray leaning against the window
open shelving with bowls
big porcelain sink with a drainboard
wire basket on the vintage fridge
white painted cabinets
chunky soft yellow mugs
The other side with the tiny stove (OK, can’t do that)
vintage pottery vases holding utensils
green dishes 
cups hung on hooks
painting above the shelf
the window looks out to the rooftop garden
(yes she has that too!)
to the right of Andie is a door to the rooftop garden!
sweet little painted dropleaf table
plants in little pots
look at the vent slits in the cabinet at the right lower corner
that would have been in the sink cabinet and is a nice vintage touch
sweet dressing table
straw hats
vintage bedspread
old coverlet tucked on chair
flower sprigged wallpaper

you can see this sweet cabinet in the mirror on the previous pic
so we’re on the other side
there’s that green/blue color again that is
love that cabinet don’t you?

If you’ve never seen this movie, I highly recommend it
I haven’t seen it in years and I need to get it on DVD
Now, a special treat that I found on Hooked on Houses
Andie’s REAL house here in Virginia is for sale and I have a few pics.
No, this isn’t the kitchen…just the butler’s pantry! 
Dining room
look at the ceiling and that molding
love the leaded glass too
the high paneling is great

I only chose these because they inspired me.
 There are more but her house is a Tudor and therefore 
full of lots of dark wood, which does not appeal to me as much
but head on over there is you want to see the whole place!

Are you inspired by movies?
What are some of your favorites?


  1. I love Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. The part where the wife describes her paint colors has me laughing every time!
    Think this link will work.

  2. Sorry about that try this:
    clip and paste into the browser

  3. I might have to watch this tonight!
    You know who else has a Rachel Ashwell look… whats her names apartment in Sleepless in Seattle and the girls apartment in It Could Happen to You…
    If I remember correctly.
    Thanks for your comment – hope you enjoy the recipe!
    Bon Weekend!

    Parisienne Farmgirl
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  4. You’re right Angela…I love those apartments too! Plus Meg Ryan’s apartment in You’ve Got Mail is great….and I LOVE her bookshop in that movie too.
    A demain

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